HotForex - scam, bastard, son of ***** broker


I received this reply from them on 25 Nov after I asked about their position about this topic.
Thank you for contacting support and for providing us with the below link.
We would like to confirm that we are aware of the below posting, and have already contacted the client directly.
We would like to thank you again for taking the time to notify us of this.
Should you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Laura Lubrano
Support Department

Tthey required me to ask ARM code of the bank but my bank needs 55 days to show. This is first time to receive fund to ask ARM code. I donot what it is. I simply understand my bank cannot have reason scam my fund, inspite of waiting them.


It is not good to state HotForex like that but I donot know another word to describe them, moreover I want to emphasize this issue for other traders to understand then get away from them.

The fact that I opened account with them about 1 moth ago, then deposited via my visa card but they donot fund it my trading account because my POA is not valid as they require. After my many explanation, they still denied, so I asked them refunded my deposit. After that 5 business days, I checked my visa card but no fund is here, then I asked them and they told sent me on 15-Oct, so I kept waiting. After that 7 business days I asked again, and duration of visa 's transfer only 10 business days, they gave me transfer code, so I wait up to now.

During waiting time, I search "hotforex scam" keyword and see many topics to confirm they are scam. So I am afraid of my fund, so I asked them to give me trasfer receipt, but they denied because of security reason. I oppose them because that is evidence of the transfer to me, not involved in their business. Then they ignored that. Besides, I exchanged with some men who traded with Hotforex, some of them lost fund with Hotforex and they also received their word like me (already transfered, transfer code, but has no fund in bank account)

So far, I confirmed 100%, Hoforex is scam broker. Then donot open accounts or stop trading with them if you donot want to lose money as I.

To prove my word is true, I leave my information here:
MyHofrex Id: 192718
My trading Acc: 1061604
My email:
was it pamm?