How can negative reviews and forums posts at the Forex Peace Army be removed?

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How can negative reviews and forums posts at the Forex Peace Army be removed?

Under all but the most extreme circumstances, negative reviews and forums posts can NOT be removed from the Forex Peace Army website. The reason for this is the large number of companies which have used unethical methods to get reviewers to try to withdraw reviews and forums complaints. These included…

1. Withholding legitimately owed withdrawals and refunds. If your bank wasn’t processing a payment long enough for you to complain, do you think they could legally withhold the payment until you removed the complaint? If a company refuses to pay what is owed while the posts or reviews are on display, the FPA considers that to be blackmail. Please use the form below and describe the exact terms of this blackmail.

2. Threatening lawsuits. If a company really owes money, then a factual post about the money not being payed doesn’t seem like a good target for legal action. If you really want to threaten to sue the FPA to hide what's been written, CLICK HERE for more info.

3. Threats of violence. There really are companies which have made threats to harm their own clients and against FPA employees to try to hide their other unethical actions. If you have been threatened this way, the FPA strongly recommends first contacting your local police. Also, please use the Contact form below get in touch with us and give evidence. If at all possible, try to get the threat in writing. Please check whether recording phone calls in your area is legal before recording phone conversations.

Because of actions like these, reviews can only be updated. To do this, submit a new review. Give whatever rating you now feel the company deserves. The old review will be nested under the new one. The full text of the original review will remain visible. Only the new rating counts.

Complaints in the forums can be declared as resolved. A case only counts as resolved once both sides reach an agreement and any money owed is transferred to the client.

More details about followup reviews and forums posts are available HERE.

If there is some question about whether the client will follow through on an agreement to leave a followup review or post in the forums, please include the FPA in that stage of the negotiations by using the contact form below.

If you left a review or forums post and feel your situation is truly exceptional, please use the contact form below.

If you have strong evidence proving a review or forums post is fake, please use the contact form below. Please remember that without convincing evidence, the FPA will not take action. Your word that something is fake is not evidence. Many people post under pen names, so the person's name not being in your client list is not strong evidence. If it was, I'd probably have to remove most of your positive reviews too.

The actions of certain individuals and companies have forced me to add an additional rule. If you want to dispute a post or review, you need to do this within 1 calendar year of the post or review being made. Why? Because some companies feel they can get complaints removed by arguing me to death instead of presenting evidence. At least this limits the number of targets available for this sort of behavior. And, because attempting to re-establish contact with someone who made a post years ago usually doesn't work. That being said, if a company rep asks me to try to make contact with someone to resolve an old issue or a new one, I will do my best. What I won't do is consider a non-reply as evidence that the information that person posted is false, unless it's a Scam Alerts complaint new enough to qualify under the Resolved Issues Rules.

Are you a company representative wanting to leave a reply to a review or forums post? CLICK HERE to find out how to get access to present your company's side of the issue.

Over the years, I've seen companies handle complaints in ways that benefited the company. I've also seen company representatives do terrible damage to their company's reputations. This article can be a useful guideline to representing a company when complaints come in...

Hiding Complaints is a bad idea. Instead, showcase how your company deals with issues.

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PLEASE REMEMBER: Posts may only be removed by the poster's request under exceptional circumstances or by anyone else's request with strong evidence to indicate the post is false. Please include a link to the post and the name displayed on the post.

Paying what is owed is what companies should do. Paying what is owed is not an exceptional circumstance and will not result in the facts of what happened disappearing. Paying what is owed just means the situation can be marked as resolved.

IMPORTANT: If you do not include the link to the disputed material, all you will get back is a request for the link. include the name on the review or post. I've wasted too much time looking for "forums posts" that turned out to be reviews and "reviews" that turned out to be forums posts.

Review or Forums Post Removal Request


Additional items...

If someone uses highly offensive or profane language in a complaint, the FPA can edit that text. The FPA does its best to edit profanity, but may miss some items. Words like "scam" are not highly offensive or profane. Instead, they represent the opinion of the person who wrote them. If you complain that a word in a language other than English is offensive, you need to specify the language. Otherwise, checking it is not easy. The FPA will check it in Google Translate. If it is seriously offensive, the FPA will edit that word. You can also back up your claim with a link to a valid source. Please do not waste time claiming that an offensive or profane word makes a forums post or review invalid. Angry clients often use inappropriate language. One broker demanded removal of a review because a reviewer wrote something the broker claimed was offensive at the reviewer's location. Google translate gave no hint of any offensive meaning. When the broker was asked for any link to back up the claim, the broker did not answer. Things like this are why I have to write so many policies.
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