How can the FPA help me if I’ve been scammed?

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How can the FPA help me if I’ve been scammed?

If you’ve already followed the Forex Peace Army’s FIRST STEPS for Traders who've been scammed, then you are already on your way to getting help.

Now the work begins. You need to wait up to a week for your review to be posted. Check it every so often to see if the company has replied to the review. You also have a forums thread in Scam Alerts. This thread is dedicated to your issue. If things go well, it can lead to getting the issue resolved. If things go badly, your story is now on permanent public display to help warn others.

You should check your Scam Alerts thread at least twice per week. This will give you a chance to get information about how to file complaints from senior FPA members. If others are having similar problems, they may also join your thread with useful advice.

You should also invite the company to come to your thread at the Forex Peace Army. Copy the url of the thread, and send it to all the email addresses you know at the company. Ask then to please come and explain their side of the issue in public.

In a worst case scenario, you will have a chance to escalate your issue to the FPA Traders Court. If this continues and results in a Guilty verdict, the company will find itself one step closer to an FPA Scam Label.

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