How dirty can a broker Go "GCI"


Hey peeps!

Check what they have to say against FPA.
at - Warning: Fake GCI Financial Reviews on Forex Peace Army & GoForex! GCI Financial Review
I went through other forums on this two bits company, and their obvious reps, posing as "satisfied clients" are so obnoxious with their "satisfied" comments that it makes my skin crawls.

There is nothing worst than broker's own people pretending to be "satisfied clients" posting totally unbelievable praises of their pretty obvious bucketshop wannabe broker company.

GCI people are prodding a dead donkey to get up. The sad thing is, these bucketshop will simply change company name and start their scam all over again, and since there is a sucker born every micro second, they will get their share of victims with sweet promises and promotions.
Typical behavior for a scam broker - attack anyone and everyone who has a complaint rather than trying to honestly address the issues.