How do I deal with negative reviews or forums posts about my company?

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How do I deal with negative reviews or forums posts about my company?

First, realize that it is very rare for the FPA to remove forums posts or reviews. Instead, your best option is to address the complaints directly and professionally. Whether the complaints are true or false, the way your company handles them or ignores them will lead readers to draw conclusions about your company.

I've watched incompetent company representatives turn an easily fixed issue into a big warning flag alerting traders that the company isn't safe to deal with. I've seen company representatives who could correct a client's inaccurate conclusions leave those permanently unchallenged for fear of drawing attention to an incorrect complaint. I've seen smart company representatives leap in and fix very bad problems in a way that made traders confident that the company is ready to deal with any problem which comes up. Based on this, I've written some advice to help companies deal with complaints in a professional manner...

Hiding complaints is a bad idea. Instead, showcase how your company deals with issues.

Whether there's a real problem, a temporary issued which was corrected, or a miscommunication, if you can fix the problem, ask the client to report it as fixed.

For the reviews, ask the client to leave a followup review explaining what happened with whatever rating he or she feels is appropriate. The old review will be nested beneath the new one, so only the new rating given will count. If it's a forums post or thread, ask the client to post an update stating the problem has been resolved. If the client opened a thread in Scam Alerts, this can result in the thread being marked as resolved.

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