How is your experience with forex trading? Can it become a source of income

Personally, I think that trading is at least worth a try. Every person has different emotions and it's okay. If you fail, or if trading isn't suitable for you, it isn't a reason to speak for all people. Because there are people for whom trading changes from just a hobby to a lifestyle, and it's very cool. But it's also very rare. So, it is important to "try" yourself as a trader first, and then make some conclusions. Personally, I like trading, my favorite emotion is the one that is caused by a successful trade))
There are people who are making their living from forex trading, so it is possible. But, dont get over excited about this idea, as you will probably need to spend several years trading and building your skills and strategy until you reach this point.
see trading with forex is compleatly worth but hear we have to know where we need to trade because broker should not be our first enemy filter the broker with FPA review thank you
How to make living trading is not easy job in forex trading, the risk always in every single trades that made by the trader, along my experience in forex, still giving income although unstable, but I see there are some success story from another trader that motivated
I use it as kind of a side hustle since I'm a stay at home mom and my husband works and have made enough to help with some bills and to save up for my kid's Christmas. However, if you're trying to make a living off of it you would need to make a much larger investment than I have. Everyone would also think of a different number when it comes to that, since the cost of living differs, some have children, etc.
Yes it can but it is important that you have other sources of income as well to reduce the pressure on it.
Forex trading really can become your source o income, however you must dedicate plenty of time to in order to earn money. On the very iitial stages you will have losses and it's okay don't be disenchante by this activity,perceive it as learning and lessons. Actually, there are no traders who start earning money right away. All of them have passed a long way to beome traders, who earn money. The market is a very complicated thing, however it's enough for you to learn 40-50% of information about forex trading and anothee 50% you should dedicate to practicing. In this case, you will be experienced enough.
Without any doubt, Forex trading can be a great source of income. In fact, it is able to generate a very good income, which one can rely on and have a very luxurious life. Trading is never an easy thing to deal with though. It needs hours of practice, patience, skill and knowledge to be a good trader.
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I have a question which has already been asked before. Is forex trading worth it or it's just a waste of time.
Yes, it is possible to make stable income from trading but to find working strategies you may need to spend years studying patterns and mastering psychology.