How much Sive do you want?

How much Sive do you want?

  • As much as possible. If it trades, I want Sive to analyze it.

    Votes: 185 47.8%
  • A few more items (like GBP, AUD, CAD).

    Votes: 147 38.0%
  • Just Gold and the Euro.

    Votes: 36 9.3%
  • Just the Euro.

    Votes: 19 4.9%
  • No more Sive.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Brett Reynolds

Sergeant Major
I think i already mentioned in reply to Daily Video's. Sive has already done some analysis on USD/JPY when EUR/USD is not showing much action. Sive likes to trade as he put's it 'When there is overall confluence with higher time frames' and good trend and directional opportunities. I think if he sees something on any major currency pair that is showing great opportunities for a short term directional trade then he could mention it in his video's. He does not have to give a 'full analysis' as for euro, but rather a quick chart and show the potential set-up. An excellent example of this was a trade he gave on the USD/JPY last week.


Hi everyone! I love trading the Euro, but maybe the other 3 major pairs(GBP, CHF and JPY) should be analyzed too, if Sive´s got the time and compensation for doing this. Gold is a very important market and has strong correlation with other currencies, so it should continue to be analyzed by Sive. I want to thank Sive and all FPA staff for their time and dedication to teach us some hot stuff.


Sive first and foremost Thanks a heap for your selfless service to Traders all over the world,Be blessed.I would ask for EUR,GBP,AUD,NZD,CAD and Jpy crosses.Or take two currency pairs where action is expected to be more intense over a period of time.