How To Improve The Speed Of Your Website


The website speed optimization of your company’s website is very important in order to create a user-friendly environment for customers, this in turn keeps them engaged on your website for a longer period of time.

Here are a few ways to speed up your page:

Activate compression.
CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are minified.
Reduce route. Reduce redirects.
Drop JavaScript render-block.
Using caching browser.
Increase response time for servers.
Using the network for content sharing.
Photo optimization.
Let’s have a look at how you can improve the speed of your website:

Optimize images and videos on the website:

We know that images and video files are too large and hence take longer to open which could create a barrier for users who navigate through your website. Therefore, it is of prime importance to optimize all media files so that they could easily be opened on mobile devices as well which in turn will help improve the speed of your website. Compressing media files is a great option as the less burden on the website the faster your website will run. So go for standard formats like for Images you can choose JPG and for Videos, you can easily go with MP4. These formats are ideal and could easily be compressed and accessed.

Make use of a good host:

A good host surely increases the speed of your website by slowing down the loading time which gives users a better experience. Users go with websites that have got the super-fast page loading speed hence opting for a good host helps in boosting up your website’s speed.


In order to boost the speed of your website, you are required to remove the unnecessary codes and compress the size of the files and improve fonts as we know the file size of HTML and JavaScript are actually larger. Therefore, compressing the file size could help in improving the website speed.

Browser Caching:

Once you enable the browser caching on your website, the users who visit your website could easily access the website as once they are done using the webpage, it could be stored in the users browser which helps them in retaining the essentials again without any delay as their browser can load the page within seconds. Through browser caching the images and videos and all other media files are stored in the browser of the user and they can access it without having to get in downloaded again.

Website Testing:

In order to enhance the performance of your website, it is very important to go with both manuals as well as automated website testing. Website testing helps in letting you know the speed of the website and boosts up the website speed optimization which helps in giving the best of the experience to the users.

Reduce plugins:

We know how important plugins are but the fact cannot be denied that if your website has more plugins it reduces the speed of the website as when more plugins are installed, it makes the website run slower adding on major security issues. Therefore, you are required to have a look at the plugins installed on your website and get rid of the ones that are not important in order to boost up the speed of your website.