How to make money from EAs (trading robots)

Algotrading is a really difficult thing to implement on practice. I mean that the whole idea sounds great but the reality is absolutely different from the theoretical concpet in our heads. Trading bots may give some misleading results especially in dmo trading. They may work perfectly well and bring awesome profits, however, when it comes about live trading, the situation can change dramatically. More than that, more often than not trading bots begin with great profits but with the passage of time something happens to them and they start bringing losses. It is not the fault of the robots, of course, it is connected with the fact that the market is constantly changing. That is why I really think that it is better to make the trading bots on your own in order to have the opportunity to modify them when it is needed, otherwise, your robots will fall behind the market and they are likely to blow your account.

I agree too, the market moves from trending to consolidation and back to trending. The bot normally has larger stop losses if not no stop loss and this is a recipe for disaster


Never had much success with EAs, I think it's best to learn for yourself in the first instance. That way once you get onto EAs you can understand how they work and troubleshoot any problems.


oh its real get money from eas. but it need ea works. so if you but it then with support from seller.

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Much has been said already, I would like to add my own three pesos.

Each type of trading requires user intervention, automatic, manual and hybrid.

Automatic trading is difficult. It requires patience, knowledge and the right tools.

Strategies lose profitability over time and this applies to all types of strategies, so diversification is a good option.

Market events can affect the operation of the EA, but by manually trading, you may also take a reverse position after the event is announced.

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EAs are usually coded to follow the technical analysis so they might require proper monitoring when the markets are highly volatile so if you aren't any developer or coder they might double the trouble too. Those who willing to use EAs should go through their manuals thoroughly before applying them on their live account.


That is really cool that you decided to build your own trading bot instead of buying a ready-made solution online. I feel that the most of people think that it is a good idea to buy some robots for trading at the websites which promise you wealth and success. Actually, you don't need to know mql if you want to make a trading bot for mt5 as you can easily use python to write the script. That is what I like mt5 for! Anyway, you are on the right way, I hope that your bots will not lose all of your money in the nearest future. Remember to use money and risk management and everything will be fine.


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I do really think that robots are better at trading than people.
Surely, it is not easy to buid a personal trading bot, but it is the only adequate way, from my perspective, to start algotrading. Many people choose the easiest way and but the trading bots from some other third-party organisations. I don't think that it will be profitable in the long run. The markets are changing all the time and the traders need to adapt to these changes in order stay afloat. That is why, trading robots should also undergo some changes and modifications in their work in order to have solid and updated principals of trading. So, you'll be able to modify the robot only if you created it by yourself. That is why you've got to learn coding and trading if you want to switch to algotrading without changing the trading bots every month.
It is good for you that you tes different robots before using them to the full. I guess that you'll choose several bots which will bring you some profits, but you shouldn't forget to control them. It is important to bear in mind that algotrading is not a passive income. An algotrader should be good at analysing current situation and he should know which robot is the most suitable for this market situation.
I completely agree...!!!