How to Open a Forex Broker?


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The Documents You will Have after Formation Complete

Once you have your company established, the issuer will send you the registration documents. You will need these files for the followings.
  • Purchasing a trading platform, if you don't have yours.
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Partnering with payment processors
    • Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Cryptocurrencies, card payment gateways, and more.
The list of documents:
  • Articles of information
  • Tax certificates
  • Certificate of formation
  • Certificate of good standings
  • Manager register
  • Members register
  • Membership certificate
  • Minutes of organization
  • Operating agreement.
These documents are vital for any company in any step of their business.

Banks are required these documents to be notarized before submission. Notarizing the hard copies has an additional cost, which is not confined to a few hundred dollars if they demand it for all certificates. The reason behind the apostle documents is to make sure they are legit.


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Neteller & Skrill | Demanding eWallets

Moneybookers stopped its services to many offshore brokers because of the FCA force. They have numerous rules for a simple transaction, and it is a thin layer between operating with Moneybookers or getting banned.

Depending on your nationality, you might be able to open a corporate account with Moneybookers. But it is vague if they accept your application.

I suggest companies go for it but only after they have developed their website. Moneybookers need to see a well-designed website with transparent content.

The website must have a disclaimer, client agreement, risk disclosure, FAQ, client dashboard, and useful information. A lack of content would lead to the application decline​


Forming a new company

Step 1
Where is your target market?
Do you want to go local or worldwide?
How much is required to form a new company?

Before forming a new company, you should answer the questions above. It is utterly important to do things right from the very beginning.

In this post, we decide to accept clients worldwide, regardless of the client's race, country, or continent. A broker that offers its service for traders worldwide without discrimination.

In the licensing and regulation section we will discuss discrimination, limits, and bans in accepting clients from countries in a different continent, outside of SEPA (Euro), or countries that are in the U.S and the EU sanction list.

A company has a narrow budget at first. Perhaps a few or many of those startups were a white label at first, and as they grew, they expanded their platform and regulation accordingly. It is a fact that most brokers that have been developed over the years started offshore. So no need to panic or get afraid or disappointed by hearing the name offshore!

We name a few potential offshore jurisdictions:
Saint Vincent & Grenadines
Cayman Islands
The British Virgin Islands
United Kingdom
Malta and more

In this article, we consider the new startup has a confined budget, and they are trying to establish the broker with minimums, and grow the company over time. Therefore, the jurisdiction we choose is Saint Vincent & Grenadines or Vanuatu.

With an offshore broker, the broker is allowed to accept clients worldwide except the company issuer jurisdiction.

Except for taxes for income outside of the island.
It is easy and quick to form a company.

Bad reputation

Fees to form a new company in Saint Vincent & Grenadines or Vanuatu floats from a minimum of $1,500 to a maximum of $2,500, and they have a $1,000 to $1,500 annual maintenance fee.

In the next post, you will find out about KYC requirements for forming a new brand in the above-mentioned jurisdiction.​

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Which one of these off-shore countries do you think would be best for registering an off-shore company for trading crypto and stocks? I've heard it's not too expensive to do and a good way to reduce taxes...


Solid ECN Representative
Which one of these off-shore countries do you think would be best for registering an off-shore company for trading crypto and stocks? I've heard it's not too expensive to do and a good way to reduce taxes...


Thank you for your comment.

It depends on your country of resident, and how serious they are in collecting taxes from entrepreneurs and/or citizens. These jurisdictions may send information to governments, specially if the account holder is from U.S, or Canada.

Saint Vincent & Grenadines and Vanuatu are exempt from financial taxes. Attached a sample of Certificate of Exemption from Direct Taxes in Saint Vincent & Grenadines.​


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Website | CRM | Client Area
Part 1/3

You are required to represent your company worldwide through your website. Whether you are an online shop or an eCommerce, a well-developed and good-looking website is necessary.

The brokerage business is categorized in the finance sector, therefore, it has a higher prestige in comparison to other eCommerce businesses. In a few sectors of the business running a CFD broker could be more complicated and harder than owning a bank!

Your forex website ought to have these initial features:

User-friendly UI matching the content and relevant to the business.
Useful and high-quality fresh content.
Online registration.
Online transactions.
Features for account configuration such as leverage adjustment, creating a new trading account, or accessing the latest transaction and trade history.
Website securities to prevent cyberattacks. (authentication, authorization, data protection, and nonrepudiation)
A clear description of who you are.
Live help
Risk disclosure.
Contact center.

Customers may add or enter their credit/debit card information or other sensitive information to your website. Therefore, consider more security measures on our website to show the visitors that their information is safe.​


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Website & CRM & Client area
Part 2/3

CRM points to how a business operates its connections with potential customers. A CRM system essentially gives a central dashboard where businesses can save customer and prospect data, follow client interactions, and share this information with co-workers. It provides businesses to manage relationships with customers, supporting the business to grow faster.

In a CFD broker, CRM integrates with the trading platform (MT4, MT5, cTrader, etc.), the client dashboard, email/SMS service providers, social networks, the website, and more.

What a CRM does is accumulate all information in one place, and gives the possibility to edit or to utilize the accumulated data. A few samples that an admin should be able to do with the CRM:
  • Sign up a potential client
  • Bann clients!
  • Change account settings. (password, name, leverage, etc)

Why is it so important to have a CRM?

Let’s say a customer requests to change his name on the trading platform. There are two ways to do that:
  1. Through the trading platform admin access which is not recommended, I’ll tell you why in the following.
  2. Through the CRM.
The platform admin access contains sensitive information and settings that smallest operational error or neglect can cause chaos in the trading environment. Therefore admin access is strictly limited to regular staff. Even a company's shareholder or in some cases the owner has limited access if he or she doesn’t carry enough knowledge about the admin platform.

The CRM provides staff with the access that fits their duties. A salesperson who contacts potential leads can see the names, surnames, cell phone numbers, and email addresses. It is not for a salesperson to change a client’s name or their leverage since that goes to the supporting team or the IT department.

With this policy, the company narrows down the neglect to its minimum. So if you wish to start your forex broker, you need a good CRM.

CRMs can be purchased, subscribed, or self-developed. Self-developing a CRM takes a prolonged time, even if you possess a professional IT team. But it is recommended to create the CRM that suits you the best.

CRM is the heart of managing a CFD broker and it should expand as the company grows

For instance say you want to sort your clients based on if they made a transaction or not, or you’d need the data of last month’s transaction or trading volumes, or who is the biggest client, etc. A good CRM must be able to provide the admins with correct information, and good data has a major role in planning a winning sales strategy.

For those who wish to start this business, I suggest starting a year earlier to develop the CRM.


Definitely an interesting read. It seems a little easier to set up a broker than I realized and makes a little more sense as to why there are so many companies out there to choose from.


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Definitely an interesting read. It seems a little easier to set up a broker than I realized and makes a little more sense as to why there are so many companies out there to choose from.
Dear @HeavenLeighRob

Thank you for your comment, be patient, we haven't reached the hard part yet ;). The hazard department of a CFD broker or any company that involves financial services is risk management!

I don't believe brokers emerge to do fraud! They reach the part where they cannot handle the pressure, and then they bail by not paying their clients, declaring bankruptcy, or disappearing. I witnessed!

My apologies everybody if this topic doesn't have a fast pace, I will do my best to add at least one more article this week.​


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Liquidity Providers & Price Feed

What is a Liquidity Provider?
“Liquidity providers are typically institutions or banks that underwrite or finance equity or debt transactions and then make a market or assist in the trading of the securities.”​


A trading platform can’t provide price feed or transfer orders to a liquidity provider by itself. A trading platform is a blank canvas that requires painting. With a better astist, the more pleasing trading experience will be.

MetaTrader 4 doesn't have the hub feature, meaning it is not feasible to directly add a liquidity provider for ECN transactions. It must be done through third-party software. This deficiency is addressed in MetaTrader 5, therefore, MT5 is faster and safer to trade in comparison to the MT4.

Brokers should sign with one or multiple liquidity providers to provide a healthy price feed. The LP offers API keys to retail brokers for market quotes and ECN execution. The more liquidity providers a broker has, the smoother the price feed and the better trading experiences a client would have.


Why Multiple Liquidity Providers?
Banks and liquidity providers have their inner trading and pricing policies. That includes leverage, spread, market hours, and trading commissions. Every store sells its products at a different price, and so do banks and liquidity providers. So how should a good broker offer the best prices to its clients?

The answer is clear! With signing more LPs to have a comprehensive data feed and resources to compare and offer the best price, and the fastest execution with the lowest cost (spread).

Perhaps it is better with an example.
A customer executed a sell order at 1.2635 USDCAD with a volume of 9.63 lots. The order was full-filled in 0.2 seconds on the Slid ECN MetaTrader 5 platform.​


The Solid-Hub searches for the closest available price to 1.2635 among eight liquidity providers, and then the order has been accepted by and placed successfully. Sometimes a liquidity provider takes the order partially, therefore, the ECN broker is obliged to fill the remaining volume at the second-best price.


In the case of a high volatility market, the order may execute with slippage regardless of the chart price, therefore the open/close price might have a slight difference. On the contrary, in the case of a calm market, the trades should be processed smoothly and precisely.​

Next, you will find know more about market makers.


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Interesting thread, thank you. What needed knowledge do i need to open my own fx broker? For example affiliate marking or smth to get traffic