How to secure trading Strategy


How, how are you.
I have a question.
How i can secure my strategy.
i was creating strategies from last 12 years.
Finally i reach to point which is was looking for.
Trade minimum trade in account as low as 0.01% - 0.05 % risk on each trade.
on all open trades total risk will not be more than 1%
Monthly returns 20%++

I am not using this strategy because i want to be sure how i safe guard my strategy.

Stay calm keep smiling
God bless :)
Of course, the safest thing is to learn how to create a robot yourself, but it's time!
Each of us is to some extent constantly looking for more stable ways to work and earn money because generally accepted strategies also require some adaptation and serious study. I cannot say that I am developing approaches myself, rather I am modernizing or adjusting what is publicly available to me. I often use demos to work out, because it is not safe to risk your money right away. I was impressed by the fact that you have been successful for so many years and have not given up. It's really worthy of respect. Keep up the good work and maybe you can leave a big contribution to the history of trading.
If already found own system trading, created robot based on the strategy will help to make transaction in forex market, however, forex is remaining risky, take small risk will increasing higher opportunity to open new order, like as many suggested to take small risk in every plan trading, don't greedy in trading which only will leading to face failures
Everything is quite logical and it seems to me that almost all of us have at least approximate criteria for what we can and should not do. Of course, a lot depends on how often you work, strategy and payback, but in general, I'm also in favor of using a minimum percentage of capital because no one wants to lose.
Congrats on your successful trading for some many years! It's really impressive!
You received some great advice and I suggest you follow them.
As mentioned, best would be to create a robot yourself since you already have a stable strategy that works for you.
And of course keep it simple. Use small capitals to minimize the risk. In case you want to make some improvements on your strategy, my advice is to do it on a Demo account until you are 100% sure it's working properly.
Wish you all profitable trading!
These are very good advises for traders to secure their capital first of all do practice on small account so that you easily handle the amount. Then your trading system depends on your practice it will be more result oriented than using other's trading strategies however you can try suggested strategies and mold them according to your needs.
I want to start trading in life account, after using demo for about 8 months. And all I have is $200. Is there anything wrong in splitting the money and deposit with 2 or even 3 brokers. The $200 is my entire saving home and abroad. And am afraid to dump it with one broker( a case of putting all one's egg in one basket).