How to start? is it difficult?

Albert Dcosta

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Forex is not as easy as people thin nor it is impossible to learn. All is up to a trader how much he is concerned to know about the forex market. You can make some profits easily if avoid emotional trading after having practice on real account.
In fact, Forex trading is so popular mostly because it is quite easy to start trading. Actually, this type of trading offers the lowest entry threshold among any other financial markets since you have to pass neither complicated KYC procedures explaining the origin of your initial capital nor extra verifications. You even do not need to sign numerous agreements with custodians and other intermediaries – it is enough to fill a short form, deposit funds and make trades.
At the same time, as it was mentioned above, many novice traders came to the market with the expectations for “easy money” due to the active advertising campaigns held by brokers. They believe that they will be able to earn huge amounts of money just in a few days but then face the reality that differs substantially. It seems that most of the newbie traders fail and leave the market at all, while it takes several months or sometimes even years for the rest of them to become consistently profitable traders. Even if your first trades were profitable, this means nothing – consistency in results is much more important than accidental profit, even if it is large. That is why, to my mind, if you are just in the beginning of your trading career, you should focus mostly on education and daily progress rather than on making money now. Be patient enough to move step by step towards your trading goals, and this approach would lead to success.


Hi, everyone. I have just started reading the forex military school here in forex peace army. I have finished the second chapter, so far so good. I have no experience at all at the market i have study something entirely different from financial and economy, (computer science if it makes any difference). How hard would it be for someone with absolutely no idea to understand this kind of thing and manage to do it successfuly? Is there anyone else with no experience who manage to make money from forex? i need to get some courage because the ammount of information from this site is enormous and i am lost. The school here is the only thing that i need? By the time i finish it i will be ready to trade? (at least on a demo account) or i need to buy other books or something else?
Forex is a huge area to understand. Basically, you need to trade currency pairs in this market by analyzing several factors. You can read some articles for basic knowledge. If you want to learn more about Forex trading, you can read some books and watch some videos from video from youtube or any library. That can help you to understand more. Besides learning, you can practice in a demo account with free signals.


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Forex is easy to get started technically. All you need to do is find a broker and have a stable internet. But it’s harder to get to the bottom of the trade and even harder to develop your own strategies (only with them you can really earn a lot of money). So if you consider Forex as a way to make money quickly, then this is unlikely. But if you want to learn and become financially independent, then Forex provides an opportunity that you need to be able to use.


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Hi everyone!
Starting Forex career is easy. All you have to do just educate yourself with basic knowledge and start using the demo trading account. Follow the golden rules for how to become a successful trader and boost up your trading skills. Don't forget, Forex is a highly uncertain market. Keep patience and move on.


Baazex Representative (UNCONFIRMED)
Demo trading account can help much, If you have been in forex trading from long time you must know it’s not as easy as people think if you want to make your life easier and less stressful don’t geek out on the math make things easy for you to understand


Private, 1st Class
Demo trading account can help much, If you have been in forex trading from long time you must know it’s not as easy as people think if you want to make your life easier and less stressful don’t geek out on the math make things easy for you to understand
But you have to take steps to advance further and cant just hold the first easy steps your learnt. Trading has to be improved with learning advanced things and then making a simple system out of them that suits your style and nature.


Don't worry, it's always hard to start, but if you get at least a basic knowledge of the market and forex, you can start earning. I think the first thing you need to do is to understand the basic concepts of trading so that you can easily understand the information. At the next stage, I would look for a simple strategy or a couple of indicators that can be tested on a demo. You should try to buy a deal, analyze the market and choose it before that. I can't say how much time it will take to move to the real market and start investing. It is so individual. I think you will feel that you are ready. There is a lot of information about trading now. Don't try to remember everything at once. You need information that will help you to get used to it, not a 25-page strategy and 10 indicators. I think it will be useful for you to read the news, then you will be able to identify the assets that are in great demand in the market now. This will help you to understand which assets you should work on today and how.


This business is not to rely on anyone. People might say they are making double profits every day. I think all of it is fake if you are not able to collect some earning. All is possible with your efforts and understanding as well as practicing trading in real accounts.


In a huge business-like as forex, sometimes we can`t easy to believe anyone that shows the best trading result, many of them having a certain hidden goal behind the proof, I think we need to believe with our own selves rather than tempted by such promising promotion but eventually, they sell the product, while it`s not guaranteed will good result