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Colin Atkins scamm band is selling pure lies on their web page. I was in their trading room 2 weeks and I didn't receive anything what they are presenting on their selling web:
a/ they are showing 28,240 pips history, that's an average of 1,765 pips monthly
- in reality: For the payment of $499 subscribers received risky trading system with an average of 3 (!) pips daily,
- no live statement/performance about those 28k pips, they wrote it by hand,
- no money management, they said in room it is taboo to talk about it!!!
- 10 pips daily is all I need I received answer in trading room and
- if you expected big number of trades and big pips score - you are on the wrong place (that were literary Tony's answers on my Q)
- after these 2 questions Colin sent me message on private chat that he will remove my typing possibility if I will proceed telling the truth to others in trading room:(
b/ copy their trades blow-by-blow to accumulate 28k pips:
- trading room is open 6 hours per day and usually there is 1 trade we can copy for 3-10 pips if it is positive or for negative 10-30 pips then loser occur;
- they don't provide signal service actually: I received crappy very risky trading system which I have to learn and then if I'll trade it alone outside the trading room I will have few trades more per day maybe. But where is a difference of the rest of 1,600 pips per month?
c/ hiding costs: Buy true signal service from Tony Brown for additional $149/month!
- This info you will receive in trading room and not even a word on their web presentation;
- I bought it too and I tested it for 3 weeks: They are cheating with results too. In case of 1st 2 trades in December they showed maximum possible profit and not profit after SL were hit;
d/ The biggest scam they made with their 'no question asked iron money back guarantee':
- in reality they don't refund anyone! I waited 2 weeks, I exchanged 6 emails through Plimus with these scammers and of course they had in their plan from the beginning not to make any refund: In my case Plimus initiated refund (I wrote them separate email with all proofs of scamm) and refund failed! Why: Colin's scamm band previously collected all the money from Plimus so there is no way for refund...
e/ Exclusivity of 100 members only is another lie:
- when I was inn the room an average of 280 subscribers were signed in...
- They have a huge affiliate program from which I received their offer from 4 different sources...
f/ Devaluation of their service: Initial price was $499 which felt after 14 days on $299 and after another 2 weeks on $1!!!
- What for first and second group of subscribers paid a huge money???
g/ One of the answers I received from these scammers asking for refund:
'a refund may be possible but if there is any evidence of false posts from you no way... You choose':eek:oh:

There is more of dirty lies from Colin the painter but from all we were robbed is expected to protect all other traders around the world:
PLEASE SEND REPORT HOW YOU WERE SCAMMED from Colin's group TO Metropolitan Police Service - PCeU as I did. If there will be a lot of complaints maybe these scammers will receive appropriate treatment. It must be so: Atkins stole around $150K from traders around the world!

All documentation for above said I am sending to FPA too.


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How did you pay Plimus? If by credit card, bring all of this, especially the official vs. actual refund policy, to the attention of both Plimus and your credit card company. Ask your credit card company if a chargeback would be appropriate.
Thanks Pharaoh.
If you will take a look down at pics where I posted communication through Plimus you will find I escalated the matter twice to Plimus. I sent them separate email with all the screen shoots too. And they tried to make refund but vendor's account was empty obviously.
Payment was made by credit card yes. I think there is not much to do because for such payments my bank is always contacting me and I confirmed this payment personally a day after payment was made. But I will contact them for any case. Thanks.
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Refund Completed!!!

Finally a Thumbs up For team: Plimus just informed me about full refund copylivetrades team made to my credit card. It is pity we had to exchange big number of emails, pretty tough words even but that final refund is for sure pretty positive act and I thanks to Warren who were in contact with me several times last 24 hours and he made this refund fair and correctly until the last cent as i paid for their service.
It is not important now if their service is good or not. Some traders will find it useful and others not. What it is important is - they made full refund as they promised in their "Our Crazy Guarantee" - just with a delay and lot of questions.

Here is a copy of email I just received from Plimus:

We hereby confirm the refund for FULL Trading Room Membership - Manuals and Unlimited Access (Huge 85% Discount),FULL Trading Room Membership - Subscription (Huge 75% Discount - Limited Places) to you on 12/13/2010.

Please see the statement below for further details.

IMPORTANT: We have already sent this credit to your credit card, however, some banks may take up to 5 business days to post it in your account. If you do not see this credit immediately and 5 days have not past, please contact your credit card company, they will be able to confirm the credit.

If you need further assistance, please visit:

Support Form....

This is your receipt. You may print this page for your records.

Below is a summary:

Transaction ID: 18149523
Invoice ID: 40734441
Item Number: 2896634
Amount: (358.80) (Credit)
Customer Name:

Plimus Sales
Sounds to me like Plimus must have laid down the law to them on this one.

This is how people need to do it. If a vendor keeps trying to avoid a refund that's legitimately owed to you, keep up the complaints to the payment processor. If you are really inside the terms of the contract, the payment processors usually will side with you after you smack them a few times to get their attention.
Another Complaint

I am in the dispute process with Plimus, so far the vendor has refused the refund. I sent a cancel and refund request within the 30 days. They have zero customer support as they never respond. I checked my Credit Card later and it was not refunded so I contacted Plimus.

So, anyone who buys...send the cancelation email and then contact Pimus right away (the number is on your Credit Card Statement) and start a dispute that way you will still be within the 30 days and they have to refund you..otherwise they claim you did not request in time.

Best bet..stay away from these crooks!
I was a member of Colin & Tonys room late last year. Whilst I agree with alot of the remarks stated, & doubt their claims of mega results, they did teach me some important requirements for a new trader - patience & discipline. I have gone on to a style of trading that suits me better, real technical analysis education with 2 fantastic traders but the experience with Colin & Tony was a positive part of my journey so far. Please don't mix up Tony Brown with Tony Lazzario. the former is a true gent and the latter is just a marketeer who is now doing the same thing with Raj at Honest Forex Signals and refused a friend of mine a refund too!!
Colin's system works well when the market is trending but that only happens 30% of the time, hence real patience & discipline. I do however think too many people expect people to do the hard work for them and end up slating the likes of Colin & Tony who won't trade when market conditions are not right. There is NO get rich quick, and NO substitute for hard work & learning what works for you!! I enjoyed the room, the chat & some of the trading, sound principals too. Risk/reward of each trade was aweful, but as I say, a good place to start, but there are much better places if you are serious about learning the skill of trading.
Both these clowns are lower than pond scum.

the bottom line is they lie thru their teeth and piss away your hard earned $.

real trading is done by grinding away making a few % points quietly and keeping your risk under control at all times.


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