Fraud 10,000 dollars

Chinese traders

Private, 1st Class
[langtitle=zh-CN] Fraud 10,000 dollars[/langtitle],a big scam

My Account number: 140012
Investor Password(read only): unfair888
MT4 platform download: MT4 Trading Platform (Meta trader 4) - Windsor Brokers

My orders are Resersed and Reopened on 2012.11.08 (November 8, 2012)
Ticket #8655271
opened at 2012.10.17 11:30, closed at 2012.10.17 12:42
get profits $193.00

On 2012.11.08 (November 8, 2012)
First, they creat a ticket #8753823 resersed my ticket #8655271 and voied -$193 profits
(please see the ticket #8753823)
Then, they reopened a ticket #8753885 with $167 profits
(please see the ticket #8753885)
They stole -$26 from my ticket #8655271


And so on, they Resersed and Reopened too many orders on 2012.11.08 (November 8, 2012),
they stole total -$9539.56 from my account.

Orders closed should be done, they have no rights reopen my closed orders.
I believe that you are a fair and impartial organization. You should not be allowed the company who undermine your credibility.
I am sure that you will give me a fair judgment.
140012 Order were Resersed and Reopened - example #855271.jpg
They changed my total 56 closed orders, time 2012.10.17 from to 2012.11.08.
They stole me total -9539.56 USD from my account.
Here is an examply shows how they stole money from my account.


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Why did they reestablished your closed position? what was their response?
Why did you wait over 6 months?
Let's see if anyone and Windsor Brokers is brave enough to come here and explain why they retroactively reversed positions or not.
几个月前,我在forexpeacearmy 发布过关于他们公司的诈骗问题,可是他们公司恐吓我,他电话里告诉我说如果删除了可以把本金退给我,所以我删除了帖子,我现在对我当时的行为很后悔,我应该跟骗子公司斗争到底,为了我们交易者的权益,不能轻易妥协
We cannot really understand the reason for referring to an old issue now, considering that the same issue was raised on the 9th of November 2012 on Forex Peace army website and was resolved, whereas the client was provided with the required information to which he confirmed that he agreed to.

As such the issue was resolved and the client himself, after withdrawing the funds from his account, stated publicly on Forex Peace Army as issue resolved and that Windsor is very good.

Furthermore the client ended his relationship with Windsor since the 19 of November when he withdrew all his funds held by his account and has never traded with Windsor since then.