Total Scam


A friend introduced me to binary trading back in October of 2014. He had been using a person he found on the internet who was an excellent trader. I watched his account grow for 2 months then decided to jump in. The platform is I wired $5000 from my bank account to Base2Trade on Dec. 8, 2014 and after transferring funds from another account to my bank sent another wire Dec. 9 for an additional $10,000.

My friend requested a withdrawl of $2,000 from his B2T account around Feb. and although it took about 3 weeks it was finally received in his account. He however then requested another withdrawal in March for another $2,000. After numerous emails and phone calls to B2T while receiving dozens of excuses first that it had been sent but was delayed, then other excuses he has never received this or an additional request for another $2,000 a month later.

My son also decided to put money into B2T in late February, 2015 due to the success he had seen from my account.

On March 18th 2015, I submitted my first request for withdrawal for the amount of $4,000. Also submitted several requests at later dates for other amounts and have been given many excuses but have NEVER received any funds! Have made numerous requests on numerous dates. Have NEVER received one withdrawl.

The person I used to do the trades became ill around May and began trading less frequently. At the time my account had reached a balance of approximately $61,000. Suddenly on June 11th, my account was traded in unauthorized trades (not by Michael Davids) and showed a loss of $12,675 on that day. I immediately called Michael and he told me he hadn't traded for me since the 9th. He immediately checked his account and found that it had also been traded by some unauthorized, unknown person and he also had lost a substantial amount. My friend also informed me of the same thing and so did my son!

At this point I have been swindled out of my original $15,000 as well as the $46,000 gain by this unethical outfit.