-- 100% scammer website


I was contacted via Facebook about this scam website, Mr Scott Lang with photo claim to be an account manager is a fake profile using Malaysian mobile number, he also got a fake client who will also play along claiming to make a profit due to Mr Scott help. This guy will keep contacting you and persuade you with all kind of reassurance and fake promised until you deposit your money and is gone forever, they will milk your money until you dry. Their IP address leads to Nigerian origin.
How the scam works, you deposit a few hundred dollars and within days through their binary bot trading system, they magically made from 40-90,000 USD. To withdraw your profit you initially need to pay a withdraw fee of 10%, when you told them you don't have such amount, they persuade you to deposit half or less and the account manager will also pay the other half to help you out financially. Once you paid them the withdraw fee, suddenly the trading bot would increase the profit amount again, therefore to withdraw the new profit gain you need to pay another lot of 10% withdraw fee. This sort of BTC scam is very common on Facebook and many have been falling victim to it.

Don't fall for x10 profit gain within 24hrs or 7 days, is all a scam and is very common on Facebook and other popular social media.

other number used on what's App including

Don't fall for professional website display and complicated design is all a grand delusion, is all for scam purpose.


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