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HugosWay.com (Hugo's Way)


For everyone that has hugosway today I tried to close a trade and metatrader 4 would not let me close my trade they said that the system was doing something with metatrader 4 between 7:30 and 8 and I advised them that during that time when I logged in at 7:50 that I got on mt4 froze and it would not let me close my trade and they will not refund you your funds and this happens quite often


Smh I really liked these guys but I see they have wronged many ppl in a us citizen so it sucks I'm about to give another broker a try

Justice Trader

Scam broker alert! Never send your documents for the KYC. They will take your precious documents and close your account after even if you take a selfie with the date of today! The thing is anyone can open a new account with a new email! The only reason they put KYC is for identity theft purposes! Scammers! Worst customer service ever! Criminals! I have been asking to speak to a supervisor and I was ignored. I asked to receive a phone call and they ignored it! I warned them if they didn’t fix this, they will have to explain this criminal behaviour in Forex Peace Army so here we are! I have the whole conversation recorded in a video from the live chat as well! Everything can be provided!

This is time to destroy all those brokers playing a dirty game in the forex industry! People need to know the truth!


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