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Problem Hurry up to withdraw all your funds from the company FPMarkets!

I am having an issue with a company
Any update what did fp markets reply you must invite fp markets to this thread
@FP_Markets is going bankrupt and all traders of FPMarkets hurry up to withdraw money

I had a telephone call with manager Illia Berezovskiy and he told me that he understood me but he couldn't help with this problem. Now he doesn't answer me.
Did you use some kind of robot? Seems you open different position in the same second... Does FP markets allow robots in their servers?
I use several terminals and the automator of the actions for my trades. By hotkey combination, the automator clicks into several terminals at once and clicks on the one-click trading place.

I split the volumes because it looks like the execution of the smaller volumes is made at the best price.
Did you get any replies from the regulator and any update from fp markets?
I have sent to FPMarkets 3 emails already. But @FP_Markets hasn't answered yet.


I think they don't know what they can answer me, as I provided proof of their theft offense. As you can see, @FP_Markets is as mute as a fish here ))

All traders can check my trading history and make sure that @FP_Markets is a defaulting company and can't pay my profit and get back my deposits.

Please be patient, I will inform you about my application to the regulators ;)

My lawyer recommends appealing me to the Australian police too.:cool:
FPMarkets answered me last Friday:


I have paid for the complaint to CySEC today.

Save your money from @FPMarkets and withdraw all deposits as this company defaults.
FPMarkets answered me last Friday:

View attachment 92968
I have paid for the complaint to CySEC today.

Save your money from @FPMarkets and withdraw all deposits as this company defaults.

I sent an email to FPMarkets on 18 June 2024 and asked them to provide me with the result of an additional investigation.


BUT FPMarkets isn't answering.

In my opinion, FPMarkets is sinking and trying to win more time.

Hurry up withdraw all your funds from the company FPMarkets!​