I am also a victim of Market Traders Institute -MTI


I am also a victim of MTI. I have tried contacting your refund department on a number of occasions but no one is answering the phone calls. In my own case, I joined MTI a month ago and being a full time worker, I could not engage in the live trading room from start to end, I only join the live room for 45mins to an hour. In the live room I asked if the recording will be available on the same day of the recording, they said it should be made available within 4 hours as they needed to edit the recording. Take note, that Joshua Martnez had already advised us of some potential setup that we could take, but unfortunately when I logged into your site on my return home from work, I noticed that the day recording has not been uploaded. I noticed it took 2 working days for the recording to be uploaded, maybe your editing team just was too busy to upload the recording on the sameday.

One of the reason why people joined MTI is to make money, and if the recordings are not available at the time it was meant to be, how can we take the setup trade. The fact is we are loosing a good trading opportunity if recording are not made available on time.

All I am asking for now is a full refund of my money.