I am miffed?


I am miffed ¿??

OK I just downloaded MT4 and opened a demo acc, with $3000 on a 1:100 ratio

I thought the best way to familiarize myself, was just to play around.

So I select EUR/GBP (it could have been any), but I just selected that. NOW, everywhere I read, it advises on putting in a stop loss BEFORE you actually do the trade.

So I decide I want to BUY EUR/GPB…..here is what the boxes have so far

Volume = 1.0
Stop loss box is = 0.0000 Take Profit box = 0.0000
Type = Instant execution

The following is just an example from memory

I press the BUY button åt 0,8610 (entry price)

I want to put a S/L of 35 pips from entry price (0.8575) & a Take profit at 50 pips from entry price (0.8660)

Every time I try to put these values in to the Stop loss box & Take Profit box, it won’t accept the values.
I notice that the value fields in Stop loss box & Take Profit box, have 5 zeros after decimal point.

What am I doing wrong ??

Does anyone know of online video tutorials of how to use MT4, that actually shows you how to do this?

I googled and found many sites, but none show how to enter these values.


What you described should work with most brokers, at least for the moment. The NFA is doing some very odd regulatory things to USA brokers, so that might be a problem. Another thing I have heard (but not seen) is that some (not all) of the new MT4-ECN bridges don't allow SL and TP to be set until after the order is places. This does give you a few moments of being vulnerable to a huge spike or having your connection get shut down.

Ask the broker you got your copy of MT4 from if they can help. If not, download a copy from a different broker.


After you place a trade open your terminal window! The botton for your terminal is right under tools in your left top corner. THe you will see your trade Live action! Where you see it says stop loss or s/l and numbers 0.0000 just double-click on the zeros and a modify window will open! Or right-click your mouse anywhere in the row and click modify trade