I am new here



Depends on how you want to do it.

1. If you want to lose money, don't read or research anything. Just go to Alpari or any broker you see in the ads in the banner on the top of the screen. Buy and sell according to how you feel.

2. If you want to waste a lot of time and lose money, search for an indicator that will tell you how to buy and sell. Or 5 or 6 indicators. Buy an EA too. Spend time thinking you'll find moving averages that will tell you how to buy. That will waste A TON of time and lose money.

3. If you want to make money, read the entire FPA school here. It will take you a few days. Demo for 6 months, at least. Find a successful trader's trade journal and imitate what they do on your demo account. Write out your own trading strategy, money management rules. Wait until you're 3-6 months positive in demo. Then go to mini or micro live for 3-6 months. Then go full size. Learning is fun and frustrating. Good luck.