I am new into Forex and I made a costless mistake.

Eryk Martin

Forex is all about reading, analyzing, interpreting and action. You need to start doing what you don't want for the betterment of yourself. :)


Hello everyone,

I am genuinely glad that I found this community.
About that costless mistake, it actually costed me $13.99.

I am talking about buying an udemy online course, I KNOW, right !

needless to say, It gave me an idea of how Forex work, but glad that I found you guys, cause what that online course taught me was that I can earn money easily from Forex, which you guys have warned through many threads here and replies there that this is so wrong and on so many levels.

I'm going to start my forex journey here, with complete trading education.

Just one question:
How did you guys, back then when you started, get rid laziness of learning Forex (or generally a something new) ? I can read, but I hate reading.
Thank you for the warning of this, hopefully it will stop other making the same mistakes, including me as I am just starting out