I am scammed of 13k "great scammer avafx with all due documents" ...kindly advise

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Dear FPA, BILL & all members,

I know very little trading exp and forgive me if some technical terms comes out wrong as I attempt to present my case.

On the assured reference of my very close friend (FPA member id kabita14) also from Ontario, Canada.

I invested 13k borrowed money with this most clever demonic entity called avafx based on the fact that they claimed licencing with BANK OF IRELAND, cysec and others -much pally chats and phone calls made to entice me with various offers needless to say, based on my deep respects partly for(my moms Irish roots) Bank of Ireland and a legit Cypsec I agreed.

I believe the rough date of this investment was around hmm May 30/2013 My initial investment was 10k -Things were going fine and since I have been ailing some time on and off my very good friend Kabita14 (who does regular trading and is quite an ace) has been keeping daily eye on all screen incidents when I was recuperating slowly.

I apologize in advance(pardon me in advance too) for the use of vulgar words as there are no other words to be used for such crooks- all was going fine then suddenly on around - june-july 2013 money started disheartening from my account?my friend Kabita who trades all night used to call me at wee hours frustrated -someone was placing trades of my account even when we were logged out or we did not even have such trades open at all as we were waiting on 2-3 very select trades to make some money ...in few days we smelled rat and caught them red handed -the then account manager Joshua Brown when confronted and presented with all evidence that AVAFX dealing desk is a big thief and that they were also making money off every trade, in the name of commissions, in the name of withdrawals! when they said they have no hidden charges?

I have a very good habit of saving all chats and emails and thus cornered the dealing desk that stopped then after 1 week of this incidents I woke up to a crying friend on the phone saying -my entire account money has vanished good lord!-
They took revenge for the earlier incident -so we phoned them night and day threatened them with class action and kept screen shots thus forced the dealing desk to RETURN THE STOLEN Money-How many times does a dealing desk ever return money unless stolen and they called it a error(I have all emails, all chats, all evidence)-

Then Joshua brown left the company and he was quite co-operative as he saw they cant win over our evidence.

I started with 10k initial then Joshua said dealing desk has issued a circular (which we never got) that account balance has been raised and made me deposit 3k more to return my account money I obliged in desperation

again in OCT- Nov 2013 we found trades closed by the broker very strangely ?all positions are supposed to be closed by trader -client (me/us) ?
So this time around a new bloke called Aaron Frankel joins as account manager-sweet talking as hell and a bigger crook and all my money from my account evaporated by trades closed by the broker-I have it marked in bold-before they could clean the screen -
Very interesting thing-and I WANT THE WHOLE TRADING COMMUNITY TO KNOW AND BEWARE- SIRS/MADAMES -AVAFX or similar company now use a technology to show you that all trades were closed from your own ip by using IP MOCKING SYSTEMS -luckily we saved few evidence before they could do this with my screen...trades and all-they cleaned out all logs and ticket number but, we managed to find 2 ...

I wrote extensively (both my arms were damaged and broken, in healing typing hurts )
I lamented , pleaded with the company reps, with this guy Aaron I have all emails then I threatened them then he said to invest 50k and he will give me a bonus??? WTF is wrong with this bloke?

I borrowed money placing my trust in this company they misled me, cheated me in clear daylight right in front of our nose,they tried to squeeze all earnings and played dirty games -
I have been very poor nearly penniless due to a bad separation n 2009 and depended on this but alas:(

For reasons of personal high ethics and support of FPA I pledge the amount of 3k yes 3k of my 13 k if FPA can corner this rather trained con men at work and I doubt as how these vermin's will oblige I will back my statement with all emails and evidence and worst come to worst if I lose my entire money in Gods name so be it-I want them severely punished, closed down and I want the entire trading community to know of any one dealing with avafx or similar firm which uses very similar techniques-Tomorrow it may be your capital ?!

I have the entire stock of emails , chats and correspondences saved and ready for legal action.

My last response from this company is of -
JAN 6TH 2014
That is 2 months back -the time I spent deciding how and what and where to ask for help.

If I make some silly mistakes in submitting kindly guide me

I apologize for my bad words