I am the victim of EmpireOption


I am the victim of EmpireOption scam, please don't invest any penny to any unregulated Binary Option company they are scammer, my friend recommend me for this ****, initially I invited 5000$ through my credit card, I won all the trades then account manager told me if I want to be VIP I have to invest 30K and then I will get withdrawal in one day around 1 day, I invested around 18K and then I got emergency my wife got pregnant, I requested for withdrawal then relation become sour, manager told me I have promised to submit more money and right now I am reluctant to my agreement so company wont give you withdrawal this time I have to wait for 1 month, at than moment I realize I got scammed, I am in worse condition now no one can imagine my condition. My account manager was Fedrico, and the Manager of empireoption was Micheal I bit sure they both are fake names, I am going to report as fraud to my credit cards if I wont get my money I will talk to law firm and also with Inter pool fraud protection agency. I have all the proof I email regarding this fraud.
I will ever remain grateful for any suggestion regarding money refund.
Don't wait. Contact the issuing bank(s) for the cards immediately. Ask to speak to the disputes and/or fraud department. Explain how you've been fraudulently blocked from the promised service of withdrawals and ask about a chargeback.

If your bank can't/won't cooperate, WinChargeback may be able to help.

See if you can get your local police to take a fraud report too. Then ask them to forward it to InterPol.

File a complaint with the ISA - www.isa.gov.il/sites/ISAEng/CONTACT/Pages/default.aspx