I am yet to get My IB withdrawal fund from alpari-forex.com. help me out.


Audience, I must let you know that alpari-forex.com is not ready to release my fund to me up till now. They have forward a notice to me yesterday that they will stop giving me rebate in one of the three active clients I am having under my IB group believing that I am the one trading the account. The said client they are talking about is a student in our forex academy here in Nigeria. I normally instruct all our students of the forex brokers they should trade with upon opening live forex account and i use that opportunity to tell them to open account under my IB 81756 group. For your information, the said account is not opened in my name or in the name of our company. How did they resolve at that now that I am the one trading the account now that I am asking for the withdrawal of my IB fund and they resolved yesterday to inform me of this latest development? The said client has been trading his account since January and no complains from alpari in view of who is trading the account or not if not yesterday.

Kindly help me prevail on alpari-forex.com to release my fund to me since I consider this trick as a way to deny me of my hard earn IB withdrawal fund. I have been trying to get the withdrawal processed since January 2011. They forwarded an email to me early February that my entire fund will be paid into my transitory account in the month of March even if I can not make up for the remaining one of the three active clients. I thank God, I am not only having three active clients under my IB group, and they have successfully traded for one good month.

This is my first time of working so hard to make good return in my IB account and it should not be seen that they are not happy with the good work I am doing. I need help forex peace army.