I cannot withdraw from my account at PrivilegeTrading.com

Thandi Martin

Private, 1st Class
I have a trading account with privilegetrading.com.I started trading with them in June 2015 making deposits through my Visa Debit Card.The account Manager who was assigned to handle my account left the company in July 2015.He was the last person whom I could communicate through emailing.In July the 30th I requested a withdrawal of 2000 USD through the email address "info@privilegetrading.com" with the attachment of signature.That request was totally ignored.On the 4th of Sept.2015 an unauthorised debit 275 EUR was done on my account.I reported the matter to the fraud unit and I reported it to Privilege as well to update them on the change of the CARD NUMBER.During our conversation with the Manager it transpired that the person who committed fraud on my account is from privilege.The fraud unit chaged back the 275 euro from privilege.Privilege gave me an ultimatum that I pay back the 275 or I loose all the money in my trading account.MY trading account was disabled.I paid in the 275 in Jan the 15th 2016 with the balance of 3074 euro.I traded and lost until I was left with 1734 euros.I called for withdrawal on the 28th of Jan and I was told that I cannot withdraw until I reach 3million volume.He opened the trade himself to speed up the process to reach the 3million volume.
28th of January Trade on SELL DAX .
29th of January I called wanted to how this trade works because it is not possible to close or modify it.The response was:"leave everything to me,it's my operation"
I made calls for the whole week after that to no avail.If I asked for help they said it's up to my Manager.
9th of February I got hold of him.I gave him my trading account number and the question was:"When last did you check your account"I said:"I never opened the account since you said I should leave everything to you"He said "You have 1734 eur in your account"I said:" Where is the 19000 euro profit ?"He said:Why you lied when I asked about the last you look at your account?"
Before I even had a chance to answer he became erratic and told me he would call at 6pm I must stay near the phone because if I missed that call I would never hear from him, he is very busy.I waited for the call that never happened.After that conversation I discovered that my trading account was disabled.I made umteenth
calls until I got hold of him on the 11th of Feb after 4pm.I confronted him about my account being disabled,he denied it point blank saying that the problem might be my internet connection.He activated the account and there was 23000 euro profit.I again asked him to close the trade so I would be able to withdraw.He assured me that the trade would be closed in the morning Friday the 12th.Nothing happened in the morning the trade was still running.I called the office there was no answer.On Monday he was singing a different tune altogether telling me that the market does not allow him to close the trade because it is volatile.I asked him why my account History shows that the trade was closed on the 9th of feb at16.01.42.I didn't get the answer he hung up.I sent emails to support but no one bothers to respond.I tried to get hold of the manager of the Company to no avail.I have tried everything in the book to resolve the matter but no one is wiiling to discuss it.They do not give out their email addresses I do no t know how I would invite them to FPA.The trade is still running and I am afraid it will reach a point where all my funds will be depleted.
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat
I have sent the invitations to all the emails I have and to their live chat which I am not sure whether it's functional or just a decoration of the website.
Contact the fraud department at your card's issuing bank. Explain that these people are not providing a promised service, namely withdrawals.
I have already filed the case with Action Fraud and I have a CRIME REFERENCE NUMBER.Should I go ahead and file with the fraud unit in my bank to recover the deposited funds?
I have filed with my bank,they said I should furnish them with evidence that Privilege was trading for me.I am buy compiling the evidence.
When I visited the site "Privilege Trading .com" a big spanner greeted me.I attach the picture so that you'd see for yourself.I hope you might be able to figure it out and come up with the meaning.


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That's a site maintenance sign. It may be a legitimate thing for a software upgrade, or it could just be a way to delay customers while all the money disappears.
Hopefully maintenance is in progress or our hard earned monies are evaporating into thin air.Thanks Pharaoh.