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Problem I can't withdraw from penzo limited

I am having an issue with a company
One small question - how did you get lured into depositing with Penzo in the first place? Was it someone who alledgedly wanted a date and then told you about a great opportunity to make profit or was it some other way?
Yes, that is exactly what happened. I didn't trust her at the beginning, but then I lost it.
This article is a brefie of what happened.
These scams are called Pig Butchering. Victims are contacted on WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Telegram, IG, Facebook, LinkedIn and dating websites and romance is used to lure them in. Scammers at first don't talk about investment but instead they pretend to try and get to know a victim, usually sending you messages every day with basic conversations. Eventually scammers talk about investing in forex and crypto but once funds are transferred the victim can never get their money back.

See the articles below for more information and there are many more available by googling "pig butchering scam".

I can tell you that I lived in HK and have never heard of Penzo Limited, they also dont seem to have a license at all from the Securties and Futures Comission, you can sue them in Hong Kong and freeze their bank accounts if you want.
Yes, that is exactly what happened. I didn't trust her at the beginning, but then I lost it.
This article is a brefie of what happened.

State regulators are underused by most Americans. So many people complain to the FBI or the CFTC, but few realize that state financial regulators and state consumber protection agencies can usually at least throw up a warning (and sometimes take other action, like freezing bank accounts) faster than national regulators and police typically can.

This is why I recommend notifying as many agencies at as many levels as possible. You can never be sure which one will take action, which will act first, or how effective the action will be. You can be sure that multiple police and regulatory agencies from different countries (and from different levels of government in the same country) can inflict a lot more pain on scammers than hoping one agency will do it all.

If you are in California, great. If you are in another state in the US, let your state's financial and consumer regulators know what happened. That will give the scammers more chances to regret what they've done to you.