I encountered a spam error on signup. I’m not a spammer. What can I do?

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I encountered a spam error on signup. I’m not a spammer. What can I do?

In November 2011, the number of new spam accounts jumped from the usual 5-10 per week to hundreds per day. In December 2011, the FPA engaged the services of Spam-O-Matic and StopForumSpam.com. This blocks signups from IP addresses, usernames and email addresses that have been reported for spamming.

If you are getting a spam error when signing up and you are not a spammer, this is what to check...

1. Go to StopForumSpam.com and search for your own IP address.

If you don't know your current IP address, visit IPChicken.com and you can find out.

If your IP is listed in StopForumSpam, contact your internet service provider to let them know. Also, ask them about getting a different IP address. If the internet service provider can't help you, then you may have to visit a friend's house or a free wifi access point to get signed up.

If the IP address shows no activity, then...

2. Check your email address at StopForumSpam.com. If it comes up, then some forum somewhere has reported you as a spammer.

If your IP and email address are both clean, then...

3. Try signing up with a different username. Once you've signed up, you can either keep the username you've selected or else CLICK HERE for directions on how to change your username.

4. Try signing up from a different location.

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