I feel good.


There are several years of thinking about trying my skills with the ForEx market.
One month ago I decided to actually stop dreaming and do something. I started by searching the Internet for documentation and brokers, and I was extremely lucky to come over Felix and this site. I have not enough words for expressing all my gratitude for Felix's work. Thank you very much, Felix.
For the present, I have a demo account with Oanda - which I consider to be just a very good training broker, and nothing more. Same time, I study the manual posted by babypips.com - again, thank you very much, Felix, for this valuable tip.
I plan to start real transactions in January 2008, after a one-month demo, with Questrade.
Also, I am using this opportunity for a remark regarding the "Forex Broker Review": it may be a good idea to clasify the presented brokers in (e.g.) ECN and bucket-shop. So, everybody will know how different brokers work and what to expect. As an example, although I plan to start working with Questrade - being Canadian, I still haven't been able to find if this broker is either an ECN or a bucket-shop.