I feel like I am getting scammed - Tingcl.com and Tinder


Hi guys,

I am new here and I am really in need of assistance and advise.
So basically, I know a girl from Tinder and we hit off quite well.

She is from Macau and we were chatting everyday for i think 3 weeks on Wechat.
So one day, she showed me a graph which is Forex trading and i was like "Ok, thanks for sharing something new".

So that's where she introduced me to the world of Forex. She told me I could ask her anything about Forex if i am unsure and told me that I could join her when she is trading. Being me (who loves to explore new things), I decided to give it a try.

So she told me to download this mt4 thing and register an account with tingcl.com - I think its a broker investment company with a very shady background - but i went ahead and register a live account (silly me).

So i tried the demo version of the MT4 thing and gradually earned some money. So she told me i could follow her to trade in the Live account of MT4. She told me her uncle was some investment guy who has some great insider news and I kind of bought it because she was earning money (not those in millions one) but those in (thousands) - sounds legit.

So I kind of put in 1000SGD into the account at tingcl.com and started doing some real trading with her.

The great thing is, she helped me made some money (approximately like 100+ USD) by using some dubious transaction currency - DZBUSD ( I tried googling this currency origin but couldn't find any trace of information).

After that she told me that i should put in more money, as the capital I am putting in is too low. Hence the low return. She told me that there is a great insider news coming this Saturday 10/8 and gave me a suggestion to put in at least 10000USD but she told me it's up to my decision on how much I want to put, this gives me the impression she wasn't forceful.

So after that, I kind of reflect on the event that unfolds and started getting suspicious.

So I went to check the website on tingcl.com and realized it was created only 2 months ago with the same IP address with 3 different name website - they all share the same design layout, only different name - boxuncomp.com, csuotzgs.com, hongmao198.com.

Anyway, I confronted her on this, but she told me to trust in her as she has been using it for a long time and told me if i wasn't confidence, I could draw out the profit money on tingcl.com which I have not done so.

In summary, I would like to seek a third party opinion on this website, tingcl.com and also the course of action i should take. I want to believe she is not trying to scam me because she seems like a real friend but I couldn't help but become suspicious of the things that transpire.

I will be appreciate any advise that can be given to me at this point of time.



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you should be very careful before investing on those platforms. i am sure there are some genuine companies out there if you wish to get into trading. however, remember that trading is complex and risky. it is a full time job. do your research well and then you can take a decision.