I Forex Binary Options Miss Calculations


Dear guys,

I am trading in I Forex i was use to trade in binary options with I Forex. On 03-07-2014 i have placed a trade in binary options.A Position for $1000 was opened on DAX30 to expire Below 9985.8 GMT 12:00. I have saw till expiry 00:00 it was shown 9985.20 but i have not received money, when i check in expired options it shown as 9986.50.

I have followed the charts of I Forex only to see the exact closing by 12:00 is 9984. But there should be a average price for bid 9984 and ask 9987 i.e., 9985.5. The next candle was opened at 9985 and 9988 they have calculated after expiry and showed me as 9986.5.

I have traded total 7 trades in DAX30 on the same day there is exact average price was taken excluding this trade. I will give a reason too why they did so like that because all other trades are between $25 to $100 only. This trade also i have placed by mistakenly $1000 instead of 100$.

Here i am attaching screen shot of the closing price of 11:45 candle ( 11:45 - 12:00 ) .

I have all other trades screen shots also.

So, what i have to do now???

I am worried because it is very big amount for me .

Please don't go to I Forex


My Sincere Apologies to I FOREX

Dear Members,

Yesterday i have posted a letter against I FOREX saying that they were did a mistake in binary option calculation in my DAX30 trade.

Now it was resolved and they have given my money back with profit for $1000 to $1820.

I am very thankful to them and especially to my account manager Ronit ji, to help me out in this issue.

Due to my impatience i have posted the thread so i am saying my sorry to I Forex..

Thank you all for your support


Shouldn't you at least wait UNTIL the money is actually in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT before you sing praises of this broker?
There are a couple members here who too have sing praises of their brokers only to find out later the money was apparently send out to outer space instead of to their bank accounts :p

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