I found a bug that does not fit any category and need to report it.


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I found an uncatagorized bug and need to report it.

First, please check the other parts of the FAQ. Some items have other places to file reports. Some items have solutions ti the most likely causes already posted.

If you don't have the right to post, CLICK HERE for the most common reasons.

If you encounter a spam error on signup, CLICK HERE to see how to solve this problem.

For economic calendar issues, please CLICK HERE to post a bug report.

If there's a problem with the currency converter, CLICK HERE to post a bug report.

If it's not covered in the FAQ, doesn't fit any of the categories, and it's broken, please use the form below to report bugs. If the bug belongs to any other category, use the bug report form from that category.

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Uncategorized Bug Report