I get deactivated by Fxflat


Hello traders ,

you have heard about FxDirect and what is going on there .
Now I believe FxFlat is the next one getting the same like FxDirect.
FxFlat deactivated my live account with 1000€ without a reason , when I want to make a
trade . My luck was it happened a short time before I want to place a trade . So I dont lost
money . In 2 days nobody want to help me and I dry to mail and chat them 100 times .
In the end , they told me I am not the real holder of this account . :mad:
So I withdraw my money in the system masc , after 2 days I get my money back .:D
Then they phone me , and ask , why I withdraw the money , they have tecnical problems
and will help me soon . I believe , this is not true , they only want to get more time .
So they take the money from the traders , but I was faster and get back my money .:cool:

Take care with this FxFlat , they play your account and will dont know you .....