I got SCAM from XM SECOND TIMES, i have nothing to say anymore


Following a thorough investigation of your trading account(s) by our Compliance Department, we hereby would like to inform you that, based on a detailed review of the trading activity in your account(s) on the 10th of January, 2014, we have concluded that, due to the frequency of the alternating trading positions that occurred in your account(s) just before, during and after the news announcements in question were made on the 10th of January, 2014, the transactions carried out in your account(s) at that time clearly reflect a technological and/or algorithmic trading pattern that was aimed at exploiting price latency arbitrage opportunities on our Company’s trading platform and at taking advantage of the internet delays which do not reflect the market rates at the time your trades were executed; this was achieved through the use of an expert advisor and therefore could easily manipulate sudden fluctuations in prices.

Pursuant to Clauses 53.2 and 53.3 of the Company’s Terms and Conditions, to which you agreed when you opened your account(s) with our Company, we are, therefore, entitled, under these circumstances, to revoke the transactions initiated in your account(s), insofar as they relied on such price latency arbitrage opportunities and make the necessary and corresponding corrections and adjustments in your account(s) at our Company’s sole discretion. Accordingly, you will not be compensated for the profit of USD 1795.70 resulting from the transactions in your account(s) that we have determined as resulting from the above-mentioned price latency arbitrage opportunities, since the transactions in your account(s) that gave rise to such profits are revoked/cancelled and any profits initially shown in your account(s) as a result of such transactions can, therefore, not be considered as legitimately made on your behalf.

Accordingly in line with the foregoing, we hereby regret to have to inform you:

- that your account(s) with our Company will be definitely closed with immediate effect;

- that, pursuant to Clauses 53.2 and 53.3 of the Company’s Terms and Conditions, all transactions initiated in your account(s) with our Company on the 10th of January, 2014, are definitely revoked/cancelled;
Xcam Market....XM.com

I got a winning trade because of the news release then i withdraw my profit, after few days XM.com sent me an email state that they wont pay me the profit and just give back my deposit money and close my account. I have been traded with XM for more than 1 year, i had never facing to this issue, just the first time. Any solution can i get back my profit?
i have been sent them an email to their director and also my local representive, but until now i havent get any reply from them, even the live chat also cant give me any reply
i open trade before the NFP release,because it hit my support line then it spike up, and hit 161.8 fibo then i close my trade, that time i got 1.7k total profit. then i request the withdraw have no problem with that, and no representive call me. Until 12th Jan i receive an email regarding my profit have been burst, they just return back my deposit and closed my account. All the trade was manual trading
Can you show us their email to you , or you can invite XM Representative in the forum to explain this issue in this thread.
Dear weinghong,

In your post you mention that you have never had problems and as you know all the previous withdrawals of profits were honored. However, our Anti-Fraud department noticed that on 10.01.2013 during the NFP release you requested to buy GOLD at a price that did not exist at this time, and the profit on this trade cannot be considered as valid. Upon further investigation, it has been discovered that it was not your first attempt to exploit price latency arbitrage opportunities on our Company’s trading platform.

Consequently, profit from this trade cannot be considered as a valid profit and taking into account all the above mentioned fact, it has been decided to terminate your trading account in order to prevent future attempts to abuse our Company’s trading platform and trading conditions.

Kind regards,
means that your MT4 platform accept traders trade at non market price? i enter the trade before the news release, means that it should at market price, before the news release. i got the technical analysis proven that i should open position at that point. And your server have been accept my trade and also i close my trade manually, how about if the trade go opposite me? should you pay back my loss? and if your company have been accept the trade if you say that was non market price that was your company technical problem, you cant just because of the burst all the traders profit and closed their account . And your company also have been sent me the daily trading statement state that you have been accepted my profit.