I have been scammed by Options XO


Just want to add my 2 cents worth here regarding Options XO. I was talked into depositing $10000.00 (this is after an initial $1000.00 deposit) by the guy that calls himself Patrick Green. (he has come up here before) Despite having quite limited English, he was very persuasive (at least to a gullible idiot like me). He placed trades without my authorisation, then tried to talk me into depositing more money, at which time I woke up. Now I just want to get my money out, but apparently it's locked up because of a bonus they paid on the initial deposit. There was no bonus on the $10000.00.
Obviously, I wish I had found this site before I made this mistake, but at the time it was almost impossible to find an independent review site that was not a scam in itself.
How and when where those deposits made?
Hi Pharaoh, please find attached, the options XO documents. I can also supply my bank statement entries if required. Kind regards


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The bad news is that it looks like they had you sign your soul away saying the charges were authorized. They'll use that to try to fight a chargeback.

The good news is twofold. First, there are valid reasons for chargeback other than unauthorized charges. Failure to provide promised services (withdrawals) is one of these. Contact your card's issuing bank, ask to speak to the fraud department, and explain exactly what's going on.

Second, if your bank doesn't want to cooperate (not all banks do), you can get professional help. WinChargeback recently implemented a $59 upfront fee if they take your case, but that's deducted from their cut of any recovery. There are other chargeback services, but this is the one I've seen active in the FPA.