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I have problem with trade12

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by pirand, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. pirand

    pirand Recruit

    Nov 9, 2017
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    Hello to all. I'm from Ukraine. and today have problem with trade12. They not Withdraw my money. The story was like that one. I start at 12.05.17 with 100$ with broker name Anne. She adviced me some position at gold. So a have earned some money. after 2 month (sry for my English) I ve decided to trade myself and this was wrong way. I Have some lost and take a lock for position. I see for free margin I need to fill account? and I did it 100$. That is not help situation. From Trade12 a resived call Sofiya Zolotareva and she proposed me to trade at americans stocks (apple, Tesla, and others) and make money for 1 minute. when American market started and we know trend of that stocks . But I need to replenish my account for 3000$. I replenish and we took 700$. Another day we take 1000$ from Tesla and my additional investion was 3400$. then I refund 1000$ money back to my card visa in a 5 days. Than Sofia propose to sing contract to work with apple and Google, contract need because we can trade them every day? but also I need to replenish on 9100$ and I did it. Then was 7100$ and 4500$ and 15000$. the last replenish was 27.10.17 - 18800$(more thaт 80% this money I borrow from my friends and not friends my home was mortgage) after that my account was going to vip deparment and aleksndr dobrynyn offered me to have investition pack .He sad that he earned me 40 000 $ , but I need to withdraw 15 000$ first than he earned 40000$ but I need to replenish 55000$ to 09.11.17. as you guess money in my friends over, my property over, But I have account in trade12 with 73 000$ (35000$ my replenish and 38000$ profit) and I decided to withdraw my money 35000$. but Trade12 not approved it.

    L0STCTRL Private, 1st Class

    Oct 6, 2017
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    First of all invite them here through all means of contact with them.
    May I ask why don't they approve? What did they tell you? Can you share some further detail?
  3. Trade12

    Trade12 Trade12.com Representative

    Jul 8, 2016
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    Hello Pirand,

    We understand your concern, and we would like to help you regarding this as much as we could.

    Kindly provide us your MT4 ID in order for us to check your account with the Finance Department, and also have the Risk Department check the positions and trades that were executed.

    You can also email us at concerns@trade12.com or support@trade12.com for further questions or concerns.

    We are looking forward to your response.

    Best Regards,
  4. Jarovna

    Jarovna Private, 1st Class

    Oct 20, 2017
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    Why don't you start your own traders court? We need 3 guilty cases against them and we will bring them to black list!

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