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Please help me to recover my Investment...I invested with Avatrade and I then made a withdrawal request and was told to pay a Conversion fee of R5000 and I did....as soon as I did I requested my profits and was told to pay R 10000 for a legislation fee for Court order..I asked my broker about it and she said the company was taken to Court by a lawyer for Non payment of his Services....

I have paid 5500 and was given 4 days to pay 4500...I now scared it's going to be story after story.

Please help !!

I feel scammed and want to get my money back.
I m in RSA.


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1) Do NOT send them any more money.

2) How much did you originally invest with AvaTrade? And what dates did you sent them?

3) Which website did you invest with?

4) Do you have any emails or live chat of these transactions where you discuss investment details, withdrawal requests, and any company requests? (block out any sensitive identity details).

5) can you provide an account statement? Check this tutorial: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...ccount-trade-history-statements-part-1.63543/

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