I lost my money with www.clearsave.io fund manager Jessica Barnes


lost my money with this scam broker
they will ask you to start with a credit card than ask for more money after showing you a profit to your ac ,they will call you trying to get you to deposit more money after showing a profit in your ac but that is you try to withdraw ,you get denied .than one last call sujesting to close your ac than no more comunications


Dear John,

I need exactly 5 minutes to prove that I'm not like them and there is no issue for you to get the money back from us.

Please, put your arrogance away and talk to me as soon as possible


Jessica Barnes

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This was the last message from Jessica after the phone conversation ,I ask to withdraw 250.00 that I sent them on my credit card ,on that last phone conversation after she could n convince me to send more money she sujested to close my ac , from than I cant login to my ac , so she closed my ac all right and money gone , I may be able to cancel my credit card and get my Bank to reverse the charge
hope this will help for investors to stay away

so yes there is issues to get money back from them
they traded my ac and my balance was showing 800.00

pure scam


2nd Lieutenant
- Can you grab a screenshot of this (or screen video)? Do you know how to do this?

- Also, if you have given these people any credit card information, I highly suggest to contact the issuing bank of each card and put a freeze on the card number (so no other charges can be made).

I would also consider cancelling the card and getting a new number.

- also, can you get an email copy of your account statement?


sorry they never emailled me statements , I all ready cancelled my credit card and my bank sent me a new one, and after the last phone call they blocked my ac so I have no way of getting in the bogus ac , I think my bank froze the paiement and are investigating at this time so I beleve I will not loose my money
the main reason I wanted to report my experience with this broker here was to prevent others from being scam, traders apreciate the work you do
as a matter of fact I always check here before opening any brokers ac ,this one was not listed here but now hopefully they are
defenately a scam