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After dealing with I.M.G for a couple of months starting with $30K deposit, they Suddenly lost 100% of this deposit ($30K) in a week time !!! Now, my account balance is close to ZERO ! During that last couple of weeks, they stopped answering any of my emails. Then, after loosing ALL the money, they sent me an email saying that "Forex is a high risk business!!!).
On the other hand, last month, they asked me to transfer their fees to a bank account in Africa - Tanzania !! (while the company address is in New York, as shown on their web site) !!!!!!!
first of all i'm sorry about your loss, however i've to say that if your account history shows that they actually lost your money during trading and not otherwise then they are not scam but bad investment manager. also its true that forex is very risky and one is liable to lose hence if there is no agreement from start of refund in case of loss then you can't do anything.
lastly pls put out sentiment they may tell you transfer service fee anywhere whether Africa or any whatever part of the world.
Bad news.

However you did it all the wrong way.

They have no license and they are not regulated. So, they have no authorization to act as asset managers.

You may also notice that they do not trade with banks and you can't find their real address on their web site.

They don't even publish professional stats. I don't mean the funny mq4 stuff but all the important ratios such as those which are used to analyze hedge funds.

Knowing that you let them trading your 30K account. What else to say ?

Please note that you are not the only one to deal with such a situation and you will find even here at FPA many aspiring asset managers with no authorization at all.

Next time do your homework then choose a real, verified and experienced company.
Transfer your fees? Does this mean that you didn't sign an LPOA granting them the right to trade your account and to withdraw their share of the profits?

If that's the case, notify your broker immediately. It won't get your money back, but might get these guys blocked from trading other people's accounts.