I need to meet with a IB (Introducing Broker)


That sounds like the equivalent of dipping yourself in steak sauce and then asking to the thrown into a pit full of hungry lions.

Why would you want to meet an IB? An IB just gets paid for introducing you to a broker. Think about this carefully - where does the broker get the money to pay the IB?

If some IB pops up in this thread promising the perfect broker, consider that to be a firm recommendation AGAINST doing business with that IB and that broker.

Unless an IB can provide some form of exemplary service or is a simple rebate IB (that doesn't pay the rebates by jacking up your spread), then what's the point?

If you want a rebate IB, there are plenty of those listed under Forex World in the reviews.


"That sounds like the equivalent of dipping yourself in steak sauce and then asking to the thrown into a pit full of hungry lions."

...hmmmm...didn't know, until now, that lions like steak sauce with their meat...no wonder the lions didn't seem too enthusiastic with the fresh meat that I have been throwing to them:p

BUT, the great Pharaoh is 101% correct (that comes with being over a thousand years old)....pretty soon, you will get some IBs crawling out of the woodwork, complete with songs praising their two-bits deposit-only brokers.


Any one how can help me or can introduce me to an IB i will be so pleased....

I used to be an IB. The company I worked for went under, so I have no intention of referring you, but if you have some questions or need advice then maybe I can help.


Can you give some details? Did they rip off you or your clients at any point?

I personally did not have a problem, but there were some issues with clients cashing out that were settled by the nfa.

The went under because they opened a new office in Dubai, and the regulations under Islamic law caused them to be fined so much that they went bankrupt.


Broker fined to death. I love it. :D

Thanks for your suggestions but really i need a good IB for some company any help ?

Anyone promoting a brokerage or IB in this area of the forums risks a fatal encounter with SpamCat. You need to open a thread in the Company Comparisons and Competitions folder in the Commerce Zone.

Why on earth would you need any IB other than maybe a rebate IB? (available under Forex World in the reviews)

Please tell me you aren't looking for an IB which provides the convenience of letting you deposit and withdraw money through the IB. That's a one-way ticket to losing your money. There's every chance that at some point the broker will accuse the IB of stealing your money and the IB will accuse the broker of stealing your money. I've seen this happen too many times. You should only deposit directly with the brokerage.

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