I need your help. Justforex scammed me $27k

Duong Thuy

Extremely bad experience. Do you believe that the broker will STEAL your money if your trade is profitable? Well, you should because it is exactly what Justforex did to me.

I was trading as normal. Suddenly, Justforex disabled trade my accounts on 18 Feb 2021 and sent me an email with the act of holding all my money
I couldn’t help but seeing my money stuck there.

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After that, Justforex sent me an email to require me providing a lot of private and sensitive information. I have already sent all my documents with hope that they will release my money. All the money I deposited in Justforex is my savings for over 2 years.
But I was too naive to believe in this scam broker. The Justforex Security Department sent me an email with some articles in the Client Agreement, they can't provide any proof even though I sent a lot of emails that require them to give me a satisfactory explanation.

The problem here is, I am a “fresher” to Just forex, I hadn’t withdrawn any money since i started working with them. You can see my transaction history.

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However, when I heard their answer, I really believe this is an organized scam. This is because they are unable to provide a valid reason for this absurd accusation.
How can I take my money back? Please advice!

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This is like the 8th thread this week for Just Forex and this broker appears to be robbing people blind in Vietnam. Below are some additional details about the website.



Duong Thuy

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@Duong Thuy can you look again at this post?