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I never placed these trades.

Discussion in 'Forex Articles' started by Johnny2pips, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Johnny2pips

    Johnny2pips Sergeant

    Sep 10, 2010
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    My goodness me and all. I placed 1 trade. A "buy" on Gold. Trade size 0.4.
    As I was watching it go up and up and all. Then all of a sudden, a "sell" of 0.4 showed up on my MT4. Geeze man, I never placed this. I never even smoked nothing.
    Tried to close this trade but the "close trade" box was shaded and would not work and all.
    This carried on for like 5 minutes before I could close it at a loss.
    Now the broker says the trade was done from my IP Address.
    Man, am I a goof or what?
    I might be stoopid but I will not open a "buy" and "sell" for the same instrument at the same time and all.
    Geeze man, this is a major broker.
    They sent me an IP Address that the trade was made from. It was mine. I think they are bulldusting me here.

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