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I think I found a legit broker that isn't a scam: UFX (They paid me to spam this lie)

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by Azam Shukri, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Azam Shukri

    Azam Shukri Multi and spammer for UFX

    Feb 14, 2017
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    Hello everybody,
    I've just started trading Forex and my "broker of choice" was UFX and Currently I'm very satisfied and so far it seems that ufx is totally legit broker and not some kind of a scam…

    I would like to ask you if you ever tried trading based on their Massinsights (as it appears on UFX's website it's "Live Stream of market events & aggregated trader behavior"). It seems very interesting and I wanted to know if any of you tried it and can tell me if it's any good and if I can really count on its insights to make informed trading decisions.

    Spam Cat is sure you know all about how big of a scam UFX really is. After all, you registered from an IP address which was recently used in the forums by UFX's official representative.

    Your fake advertisement for your scammy employers was placed in General Forex Talk. Spam Cat is done will now slice you up and make a sandwich out of you. Your remains will be puked up where you belong - in the Spammers Hall of Shame.

    #1 Azam Shukri, Mar 2, 2017
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  2. Axe_UFX_Scam

    Axe_UFX_Scam Recruit

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Let me tell you all a very true story...
    There's an old man I know from a town, he dies at he's 60s.
    But before he dies, he has been in much critical illness since he's 50s that include illness that causes him laid in beds paralysed for sometime. Unable to walk, unable to eat by himself, unable to pass urinate, saliver dripping from the side of his mounth can't wipe with his own hands, smelly, painful and rotten spots all round his body... etc etc the most horrible way of dying. He spent most of his money (he was a multi-millionaire) went to try to get treatments. But no treatments able to cure him.
    I ask around people from the town why the old man suffering in such conditions. All the people from the town said: "don't ever pity the old man, during he's 30-40ish, he scam people's money for a living. He took away huge amount of people hard earn money". In the end the old man die very poor with no one sympathy. Worse, before he dies, all he's children scam him to sign documents and took away all his money that he tried to get one last treatment that might cure him, but he had no such chance. Tell this story to every cruel scammer at ufx. This is a very true story in fact. You all in ufx are cursed to die horribly and poverty!
  3. johnwoods112

    johnwoods112 Recruit

    Feb 8, 2018
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    So is UFX legit or no?
  4. CryptoPopo

    CryptoPopo Private, 1st Class

    Mar 2, 2018
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    This is gold. Why can't I like this post? There's no like button.

    Anyways, got another story. Very true story, there was this guy who loved to scam people. And then he found God and decided to stop scamming people. But shortly after, ended up very-very sick and eventually died. Though he has been a good honest person for a short part of his life, he was on his way from the valley of death to heaven. On the doors upon heaven, God decided to scam him and let him rot in hell instead.
    Moral of the story = Return all the money to the rightful owner of the people UFX has scammed if you want to go to heaven. A good deed in your life wont guarantee heaven, when you spend most of your time scamming people.

    Disclaimer : Made after a long night a couple drinks. ecksss deeee
: ufx

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