I too was lied to by Binary Book


I too was lied to by Binary Book. They now will not let me do a withdraw of profits after having made over 3k in withdraws in the past. At that time there were no conditions other than usual delays, stalling tactics and the like. Now, they say I need to trade 30 times the bonus they gave me, which was given after they lost my money. Thing is, I have traded well over 30 times my bonus deposit yet they still refuse to give me my requested withdraw. Now I want to close my account with them and I hear nothing back from them, no phone call giving me any run around, not reply on face book, no reply from emails. I am so sick of them in how they operate. I called my bank to try to get my money, my deposit money back, they can have the profits and their bonus money, there is enough in the account for everyone to have their money back, so we'll see if that works. I am also going to contact the SEC to file a complaint against them. Twitter will also hear of this till I can recover lost funds.