I was scammed by Justforex. Not withdraw money


I was opened account by recomendation of other trader in this broker. Before account open I also talk to the company employee. He told me I should use EURUSD.ECN acount, it does not have restrictions on any trading strategy and all orders was sent to their provider. I was trading several month and have some profits. But when I start to withdraw my money, soon my account was blocked. And now I do not aceess to my money.

I write many email to the company. They answer the same thing that my trading was fraudelent, they refused to provide details. How it can be fraudelent if I talk to them before open account and they tell me I am welcome to raw spread account.

When I tell them that I would discuss this on forum, they tell me they will take actions against me to fight for the reputation.
I also posted review for this broker, but it not published yet
I talk to chat now say I want to open account, and they again tell me scalping is wellcome
you can try it, they all want me to deposit, but they refuse to withdraw
Dear Community and oldschool,

As formerly established, we took into consideration your trading activities on our platforms and we stand by our previous decision, and will not resume our cooperation with you in any capacity. As detailed in an email sent to you by our Security team, you have violated the Client Agreement, and necessary actions were undertaken in accordance with clause 4.1.12 of the Client Agreement, which states that The Company may revise the results of Client’s transactions in the following cases:
  • if transactions have been executed at non-market quotations;
  • in the case of software failure that has caused a delay in the provision of a quotation or the provision of a non-market quotation that used by the Client in his trading operations;
  • if the intensity of sending trading queries from Client’s terminal to the Company's server create an overload, which interferes with the execution of other Clients orders;
  • if the transactions are in breach of the provisions of this Agreement and attachments thereto.
A copy of that document, the terms of which you agreed to upon opening a Back Office with us, is available publicly on our website.

The principal amount of all the deposits that you have previously made have already been withdrawn by you, and the Company cancelled specifically the results of the orders that were in violation of the aforementioned clause of the Client Agreement, rendering your allegations false and not based in factual reality, which is a calculated and conscious spread of misinformation.

To clarify things once and for all, said user was indeed able to withdraw the total amount they have deposited and in excess of that. Upon close inspection, their trading activities have indeed been uncovered to be fraudulent, and given user's past history with other companies that all also seems to be a quite reoccurring incident.

We reserve our right not to comment any further on this matter, as we deem all information provided to be sufficient and comprehensive enough.

Best regards,
Justforex Team
You tell once again there is fraudelent activity, but at the same time news trading allowed. So what is fraudelent here? Exactly

Was a software failure on your side? Why you ignore straight forward question?

You tell about my past history whith companies? What companies? What history, what do you mean? You are the only broker making such fraudelent things in my trading history. I never met such terrible attitude to client anywhere.

What my false allegations? What you talk about? Have you read my post or you only post without reading?

You post in every reply you would not resume cooperation. Do you think I want to cooperate with you anymore? I just want everyone to understand that you are not broker, you are group of scammers
Come on guys is there anyone left out there that still considers Justforex a broker???
Really. This is a pretty straightforward scam for years now.
If you become net profitable they will not process your withdrawals. The stories they provide are different and variable each team. That is there business after all we pay them, they provide stories.
This company is scam. Period.