I was scammed just recently.


Hello I am Travis Price, and I just love the way Felix feels about scamms, he is a loyal trader and is very good at what he does. Tradex AG Swiss co is the one that scammed me, they are under investigation by the swiss fbc or whatever you call them, I think about half of the brokers are a bunch of thieves after your account. When you win a few trades on the news releases all sorts of things start to happen, I think it is all bank backed, so the banks can steal out trading account money, and make it look like the broker did it.They even had an office in Boston when I opened the account, but I think it is closed now, I had 1 trade with them and then they were under investigation, the accounts were frozen and they are still frozen, That was the 1st of July 07, that is too long for an investigation to take. Can you please help me recover my funds? Travis Price