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ALERT : I and many others have been scammed by I2 Investments ( iiinvestments.com ) which has send email notification and also a notice on their website www.iiinvestments.com of discontinuation of their trading services on 31-Sep-17

I invested a total of EUR 10,0000 with I2 Invetsments (EUR 3,000 on 21-Apr-17 and EUR 7,000 on 17-Jul-17). My investment balance/equity was wiped out EUR 11,156.60 (94.3%) which on 1-Sep-17 balance is EUR 704.58 while on 30-Aug-17 was EUR 11,862.18. My wife, son and my friend also suffered similar massive losses. Based on I2 Investments email below on the selling and buying price of BTCUSD and no feedback from I2 Investments to show documentary proof of the so called massive loss I am reporting that I and many others have been scammed by I2. Please help. Regards. Mohd Hashim Shaari

Below is email thread with I2 Investments

Mohd Hashim Shaari

On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 5:20, I² Investments
<support@iiinvestments.com> wrote:
Your account was with LiquidityProvider.com and you may verify the balance with them directly should you wish to do so.
And yes of course - we have nothing to hide.
Our trade executed a SELL on BCUSD (XBT) @ $4734.8306 and it went to $4767.1698
Even though it wasn't a major dollar swing on BTC compared to some other days.
Our FX algorithm traded it by points/pips to be a total of THOUSANDS of pips (points) in literally only about an hour. In total, over 3200 pips, and even 32000 pips on a 5-digit trading instrument. (@ €10 a pip even that's €32000 in our trading capital).
Needless to say, the software fundamentally failed at exiting the trade on a 4-4 digit instrument with far more volatility then ANY major FX pair. It would have caused a meltdown on a currency to see this type of movement, but it's now seen everyday in the BTC/USD spot markets.
We had further anticipating a long-term trend downward as were many investors but our algorithm completely failed us regardless of months of researching every system we have ever implemented on live accounts.
I hope this answers your question in totality. I'm sorry I did not share this first.
The pain I am experiencing right now I assure you is equal to yours.

Mervyn Yang

Mohd Hashim Shaari <hashimstp@yahoo.com>
Cc:Wan Salwa Wan Hassan,Felix Lopez
1 Sep at 11:31
Dear Mervyn,
I find it hard to believe that all my investment balance/equity on 30-August 2017 of EUR 11,861.18 has been nearly wiped out due to a loss of EUR 11,156.60 due to one single trade BTCUSD on 31 August 2017. MY current equity balance is now EUR 704.58 and loss incurred is - EUR 8989.00. Based on BTCUSD
past trading pattern (see below) a loss of EUR 11,156.60 is definitely not unbelievable i.e. I2 Investments did not follow its own trading strategy and margin trading limit , maximum loss EUR 9.92 and maximum profit EUR 54.17.

BTCUSD -9.92 BUY 2017-05-14 / 2017-05-15
BTCUSD 24.09 BUY 2017-05-22 / 2017-05-23
BTCUSD 61.47 BUY 2017-05-31 / 2017-05-31
BTCUSD 0.00 BUY 2017-06-29 / 2017-06-30
BTCUSD -18.23 BUY 2017-08-16 / 2017-08-17
BTCUSD -7.54 BUY 2017-08-17 / 2017-08-18
BTCUSD 54.17 BUY 2017-08-23 / 2017-08-23
BTCUSD 0.00 BUY 2017-08-29 / 2017-08-29
BTCUSD 8.98 BUY 2017-08-30 / 2017-08-30
BTCUSD 105.73 BUY 2017-08-30 / 2017-08-30
BTCUSD -11,156.60 SELL 2017-08-31 / 2017-08-31

You need to show serious evidence of what went wrong and do so immediately. Until you do so I can only construe that you are not being honest and transparent with you client. I have my wife's (salwawh@yahoo.com) fund and my friend's (fwilliam@technip.com) fund also wiped out.

Please reply immediately and also call me at +60122406385.

Mohd Hashim Shaari

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On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 10:41, I² Investments
<support@iiinvestments.com> wrote:
Yes, these losses are very unfortunately accurate reporting we have just found out.

We are absolutely shocked and devastated. This was more than an investment to me as it was my life and livelihood the last years. Words cannot describe the feeling I have as the result of recent trading including my physical health right now. I had invested a significant portion of my savings in these traders and really felt extremely passionate about the six strategies being used. I can’t even put into further words my emotions right now. This is a true heart breaking experience for us. We vetted 100s of trading systems and found six we felt truly were the very best of trading and unfortunately our Bitcoin strategies risk parameters failed devastatingly because of the enormous volatility we do not see on FX/Commodity the last years or even on BTC last year.

All trading has now been ceased indefinitely.

Please proceed to download your withdrawal form and sign/mail it to backoffice@iiinvestments.com so it can be dispatched for you within 3-5 business days. Our brokerage PAMM accounts will be closing indefinitely and funds must be withdrawn entirely.

We are truly so sorry.


Mervyn Yang


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