IBFX Blocked me and closed my accounts


Dear FPA members,
i have a case with ibfx 2 years ago the problem in this case is out of my hand and i didn't do anything wrong with proof but IBFX insisted to close my accounts and even after i sent them many messages they didn't want to believe me and told me (our dicision is final ).
The problem started after i deposited 76 USDs to my IBFXau account (6098950) i made that with my credit card that i have used to deposit several times before without any problems . Then i reached 26 USDs after losses i have made .after that the financial Department disabled my account telling me that i have charged back the transaction and that thing i never did... . in the same time i have an issue with my bank the transaction appeared on my credit card statement twice i mean discounted from my credit card twice so i have a negative balance on my credit card after that transaction and when i contacted my bank i was told that this is due to an error and this will be fixed in 30 days and after thirty days i found that the negative balance on my credit card was fixed and the original transaction also returned back to me ... So i contacted IBFX told them that issue and sent them the statement so the financial Dept. re enabled my account and i told them i will send the money back but due to the fees charged by the bank the amount returned to the credit card was little less than the original amount of the transaction. So i waited to deposit more money into my credit card before making the deposit to my IBFX account . after that while i'm trying to re deposit more money i ws surprised the closed all my accounts telling me that i will not be able to open account with IBFX and that their decision is final i have sent them many many times to enable my accounts to be able to deposit and the always refuse . they blocked me for an error i never made and treated me as a fraud but the fact i never did anything wrong and my financial history with them was clear without any problems.



It sounds like your credit card company screwed this one up.

You need to establish a 3-way conversation between yourself, IBFX, and your credit card company.