IBFX Broker Scammy Thives Margin Call 100

David Sinvani

90% off Trader do not understand what is that MARGIN CALL 100? and only IBFX BROKER FIND THIS SCAMMY RULL, TO THIVES TRADER MONEY. My chat with IBFX SUPPORT.

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Client Services 60: Hello, my name is John. How can I help you?
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: want to fund my account 5000$.but want you to take out Margin Call 100
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: Hello no other Broker gott Margin Call only you
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: it is about time you take out this scamm margin call
Client Services 60: The margin call is an industry rule and cannot be taking out.
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: and this margin call not protect trader it is scamming trader
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: this is not industry rule, so stop here!!!!
Client Services 60: Unfortunately, this rule cannot be taken out. If you wish to trade with IBFX, our margin call level is 100%.
Client Services 60: I do thank you for your concern in this matter.
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: i trade with other broker from AUS and no body gott this scammy margin call
Client Services 60: What is the name of that broker?
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: GoTrader
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: you did this to take trader money
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: only IBFX gott this from all Broker
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: this Rull scamm all trader
Client Services 60: You are welcome to trade with other brokers and we respect your decision.
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: i trade with gotrader from AUS
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: so do not lie to me it is rull....you find this rull to scamm trader
Client Services 60: Thats good, they work well with you. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: yes take it off ..90% do not understand this...and when they understand this IBFX scammy Rull.they alrady lost som Tusen $
Client Services 60: We will not take it off.
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: you claim it is rull...and i prov to yopu you lie to me!!
Client Services 60: We respect your choice and you are welcome to trade with other broker that work well with you.
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: ofcurse you will not take it off..criminal Rull...
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: you Thives from trader ligaly
Client Services 60: We can assured you that the margin call is not illegal
Client Services 60: For more information about MARGIN CALL, feel welcome to visit this link.
David sinvani4@hotmail.com: yes for you ...take all trader Money.and 90% do not understand
Client Services 60: Did I answer all your questions today?
Client Services 60: Are you still there?
Client Services 60: I haven't heard from you and I assume you are not available at the moment. Feel free to contact us if further questions.
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Instead of just the chat with support, can you explain exactly what happened with the margin call?
We are talking about an NFA regulated company, they can't scam people so easily.
I didn't get the story with the margin call.