Ic market scam


Caution and Warning: Stay away from IC market.
Recently, IC Markets created a fake Candel and changed the chart to one minute interval in order to empty their client's account, so that the accounts of many domestic and foreign customers are emptied. Neither I nor you nor the IC market will take responsibility for the fact that they will evacuate so we should move away from them. Acting accordingly, how many people will get refunds is not their main issue, their purpose is to zero the account, since lot calculation of all accounts is not a very complicated issue, so they take advantage of it. We should all be very fast in their supporting chat. And it should be resolved loudly and those who have good youtubers should make a youtube video against them with bad reviews and all the evidence. Posted in different groups, hopefully big youtubers will play an important role in this.


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@IC Markets your response?

--> I heard about this was reported on facebook as well as other forums just the other day. (Gold and/or BTC has an unusually long, quick spike to stop out or margin out winning client's positions).

IC Markets BTCUSD spike_Screenshot_20210313-221052_Facebook.jpg
--> Gather your trade report and upload it here with this tutorial: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...ccount-trade-history-statements-part-1.63543/

--> relevant screenshots or screen video (better) of the transaction would be great.

--> Which reiterates the larger issue of clients rushing to trade without first properly studying the business model of the company they deposit/trade with. I've been only saying this for at least 6 years now. I'm not excusing the misbehavior by the company. But this blind impulsiveness keeps the scam alerts folder quite busy.